Riotrix and Chaos Crew




Just as the dust has settled after the the Crystal Empress’ invasion, yet again evil forces have emerged from the underworld of Palringo…

The results are in! Did you make it to the top 10?

Place Nickname ID Score
1 🐘MΔmmΟth🐾🇫🇷#DVLM🔥 34002849 7166
2 Ꮓ༙ཾ∑🌚ғͫʊͦcͭкͪɳͣ🌶 26805753 6899
3 8 10779833 6478
4 ㄥ卂乙乇尺 57187033 5455
5 s͟͟i͟͟m͟͟o͟͟z͟͟ 36453070 5400
6 ৩ֻ ʊ̤ʅɹ̈I͛ȷɹɹ̈̇ɹ ύɔᓗᓄ. ♪ 14379586 5275
7 !🅳🅾🅽 35362694 4633
8 Ꭷȷබᓄ 15078628 4097
9 ⚠️ ⌯ ⃗ 『➫D͢αͭиͪgͤє͞я͢ ✰ 34428643 2740
10 ᔕᗩᕓᗩᘜᕮ 41247561 2707

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Ask Gary: Hello from the CEO


Today we have a very different kind of blog post for you! With so much going on at Palringo, the team decided it’s about time we gave an updated inside scoop. Who better to do the honours than our new boss: Gary.

We fired some introductory and frequently asked questions at Palringo’s head honcho – so here’s the low-down from the man himself.

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Keep your friends close…and your anemones closer!


Some giant shoals of Rainbow Reef fish have be found on the corals of Australia! Your collection will never be complete without these colourful critters. There will be 4 brand new fish for you to add to your collection! The Longnose Butterflyfish, The Parkinson’s Rainbowfish, The Clownfish and The Mandarin dragonet – will you be the first of your friends to add them to your chart? If that wasn’t incentive enough, we are running a tournament to catch the largest haul possible!
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First ever HighLow Tournament! It’s so much more than a guessing game…


Take a card, then guess whether the next card in the deck is higher or lower – simple, right? It might sound it, but it’s a different story when it comes to scoring the maximum possible streak.

We’ve decided it’s time to run a competition to find the best HighLow players out there. If you rate your grasp of probability and short-term memory, get involved and show everyone what you’ve got!

Tournament Results:

Place ID Score
1 10779833 722
2 53409545 190
3 35305251 185
4 34428643 176
5 34192653 165
6 35738922 162
7 34626225 156
8 28624550 145
9 32845281 139
10 34236248 139

The competition will start on Wednesday 22nd February at 13:00 (GMT) and you’ll have until 13:00 (GMT) on Friday 24th February to get in your best possible scores.It couldn’t be more straightforward – just make sure to get playing HighLow within the competition window and we’ll record all the players who score the highest streak of correct guesses. Skips and Boosts are permitted, so use them carefully to maximise your scores. Continue reading

Can you pull off the ultimate Valentine’s heist and bag some prizes?


Consider your gang members true Heist professionals? Then it’s time to prepare them for an irresistible opportunity.
We’re running a 5 day competition for Valentine’s Day and launching a whole new set of items with it. We want to see who can steal the most valuable – will your gang be up to the task?

Top 10 Winners are below!

Place Nickname ID Score in $
1 Ꮓ༙ཾ∑🌚ғͫʊͦcͭкͪɳͣ🌶 b 26805753 414077
2 RON 25432035 394197
3 🐘MΔmmΟth🐾🇫🇷#DVLM 34002849 391906
4  ⚠️⌯ ⃗『➫ᗪ͢ᗩ🅝G͢Eᖇ✰』Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaag 34428643 391176
5 ṄᎫᎷ 619 386596
6 O਼2਼ ‏‏ 13915116 382078
7 ™ωοιf 🐾👿👿🍻 10579635 378582
8 Ḋouble ɃarreĿ 🔫😈イδ§ 34260656 370770
9 ⲥⲅⲋⲧⲁⳑ ِ 15000008 368031
10 the Grinch 6910153 363748

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