Celebrating 10 Years of Palringo


Woo-hoo, it’s time to celebrate as Palringo has recently reached its 10-Year Anniversary! We’d like to thank you, our dear community, for your passion and support. In honour of the occasion, we created a pretty infographic of some Palringo highlights…so far! Cheers to another 10 years ahead!

Palringo Presents: Our Journey So Far – Infographic

Palringo Journey Infographic
Palringo Infographic Mobile

Hero Squad Tournament – Winter is coming…



What an incredible performance by all of Palringo’s heroes so far! All one million minions stopped in just a couple of days means they are now gone and the villain herself, Gemma the Crystal Empress, is now open to attack!

She’s not easily defeated, you will have to work hard for the chance to beat her. As well as Gemma, there are two more perilous new ice missions you may encounter as you try to bring her down, so continue like the heroes you are and never give up!

Gemma the Crystal Empress and the other two ice missions won’t be around forever, at the beginning of January 2017 they will be banished for good!

So, heroes, there’s no time to lose – unite, power up and make sure you complete all missions and free our peaceful world of Gemma’s wrath once and for all!

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Check Out This New Guide for Augmented Reality Games!

Augmented Reality Gaming Guide

We have joined forces with the Finnish Ingress gaming community to create a new guide for augmented reality games. The increasing popularity of AR games like Ingress and Pokémon Go have raised some issues and concerns about how to safely play games that involve the real world. Ingress veteran players have shared their expertise to produce this handy guide for new players, and their families, so everyone can make the most of this new type of awesome gaming experience!. Check out the new Augmented Reality Gaming Guide (ARGG) at: http://www.argg.fi/en/.

Join our ARGG Chat Group!

Do you have questions about AR games,feedback on the guide or just want to chat to some other players? Ingress gamers are happy to answer your questions and give assistance in our Palringo chat group at http://www.palringo.im/argg. See you in there!

5 awesome video game inspired Halloween costumes!


So, Halloween is just around the corner and we all know that it requires a good costume if you’ve got a fancy-dress party to go to. Leave it until a few days before and you’ll end up going as Mario again but we know you can do better than that. So, gaming fans, we’re here to round up what we think are the best costume efforts for Halloween to give you a bit of inspiration!

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