Gaming is the new giving

Child's Play Palringo Achievement

We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with the response to our ‘Never Forgotten’ charity campaign which has raised over $236,000: $125,020 for Islamic Relief and $111,039 for Child’s Play, through our unique network of online communities on Palringo.

This year’s donations, which will go towards the provision of much needed food for refugees, with a focus on Gaza and Syria, as well as children’s hospital care, highlights the online community’s extraordinary power as a force for good, as well as the significant potential that gamification has for influencing user behaviour.

Palringo was founded as a group messaging application and has quickly evolved into a community gaming platform that connects users with like-minded people around the world to chat, play games and build communities based on a wide variety of shared interests.

Users can earn Palringo ‘Reputation’ and ‘Achievement’ badges by engaging with other users and building and growing communities. We leveraged this dynamic by creating two free charity ‘Bots’ that could be added to groups and encouraged members to donate, rewarded donations with valuable recognition and challenged others to respond in kind.

This prompted an extraordinary response from our tight-knit online community who donated almost $15,000 on the first day, by encouraging each other to unlock different Achievement levels and donate higher amounts. Users were also incentivised to earn special Reputation points – which form the life-blood of the Palringo community – by purchasing special animated charity Message Packs.  Our users are very competitive, and the extra dimension of feeling that the competition was in aid of a good cause really drove engagement.

Our CEO, Tim Rea commented: “One of the fascinating things within Palringo is the diverse global user base that we see interacting every day and the way the community so often works together and cares for one another. We were aware that during the Muslim period of Ramadan, charitable giving is a key theme and we decided to take this opportunity to encourage charitable giving across our entire user base.

“We’ve been amazed how quickly and willingly the Palringo communities around the globe have chosen to give so generously to the efforts of these worthy causes. Communities are at the heart of how Palringo works, connecting people from different backgrounds and nationalities and uniting them based on common interests.

“The success of this campaign demonstrates the underlying compassion and generosity of the Palringo community and shows how weaving together some competition, recognition and a good cause can really deliver results.”

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