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We recently featured in the Huffington Post, in a fabulous article all about games and messaging moving to the next level!

You can read the full article here but if you don’t have time, here’s a quick summary:

– The notion that a messaging platform can meet games publishing is an interesting and visionary concept that in some way resembles the earliest embedded and SMS-based games such as Snake and SMS-based football games on premium messaging.

– With such a strong user base, Palringo sees a huge market for ‘messaging meets games’ and is convinced that the mobile games market is ripe for change (we really are!).

– We’re creating a new business model by building gaming on TOP of our already engaged community rather than merely bolting on messaging features to games.

– And to finish off, a nice quote from our CMO, Magnus Alm:

“I truly believe that game publishers can reap benefits by becoming platform owners such as messaging apps, social networks and communities…or platform owners becoming game publishers. Loyal users being presented by relevant and appealing content within an environment they feel comfortable can be a method to strike gold in the app stores.”


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0 thoughts on “Changing the game

  1. Rick

    Creating a group is no problem… how does one search for an existing group without having to view EVERY pic/icon in the group area ?
    I see nowhere to enter the name of an existing group, and have me taken there to join it.
    The only instructions I stumbled across were wrong, telling me to go to the Group page, and click on the icon in the upper right hand of the screen… it sends me to the screen I am on ! 😞

    • Palringo

      Hey Rick,
      You should be able to search for a specific group in the ‘Discover Groups’ tab by clicking the search icon in the top right corner and typing in the name of the group you are looking for.
      If you can’t find the group, it could either be an unlisted group or there may be a typo in it. If you are still having issues please let our support team know through the following link and they should be able to help you out.

      Thanks 🙂

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