The all new (teal) Palringo!

Palringo New Look

We’ve been busy working on a brand new Palringo and we’re now ready to reveal the big changes, so you know what to expect when you update to the new, shiny, TEAL Palringo very soon!

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So, what’s new?

The first thing that you will notice is the beautiful new design.

We’ve completely overhauled the entire app to create a much cleaner, fresher and more modern look and feel for Palringo. But this update isn’t just skin deep! We’ve simplified navigation, making it easier to move throughout the app and find everything that is important to you.

If you’re feeling a bit lazy, watch the video or simply jump to the bottom for a handy list of all the new features as well as some of the old things we have removed. Or, read on to find out all the details!


Chat View

Palringo Chat View You’ve been using Palringo for a while and know what we’re about – we connect people – so we’ve brought chats to the forefront. As soon as you log in you can jump straight into all your conversations and catch up on what you’ve missed.

Private messages (PMs) and group chats are now easy to differentiate, with PMs having a circular avatar and group chats a square avatar. We’ve also introduced a handy new chat filter so you can choose which types of messages you see on this view; only PMs, only group messages or all of your chats in one place.

Simply tap the chat to enter, or make a simple right-to-left swipe for more options, such as checking out the users profile or clearing the chat.



Palringo Wallpaper

This is a brand new feature for Premium Users. We’ve replaced the old ‘themes’ with Wallpapers meaning you can completely customise your chat backgrounds by using any image on your phone. A picture of your beloved cat? No problem. That instagrammed photo of your dinner last night? Go for it. You’re now free from our previous selection of zebra and cutesy themes!


Palringo Side MenuSide Menu 

Simply put, this is the central hub of Palringo nicely tucked away in a side menu, which is easily recalled with a simple left-to-right swipe from anywhere in the app (use a bezel swipe on Android) or by tapping the top left hand corner when available.

View and edit your profile, check out your Achievements and see what you should unlock next. Maybe you want to discover new groups, or manage your existing ones, change your settings or read your notifications. Every core aspect of Palringo is quickly accessible from this menu.


AchievementsPalringo Achievements

Now let’s talk about Achievements!

We’ve rejigged the layout of Achievements making it easier for you to see your most recent ones, and underneath you’ll see all the available Achievements on Palringo – both those you have unlocked and those you haven’t. Achieved everything? You’ll have a nice colourful screen then but don’t worry, we have lots of new ones on the way to keep you busy!



Palringo User ProfileUser Profile

And this is you, and how you look to everyone on Palringo!

Your avatar and latest Achievements are shown as before, with the addition of your rankings within your Contacts, Groups or – if you’re REALLY lucky – the whole of Palringo. If you’re viewing someone else’s profile, the rankings are replaced with Chat, as well as quick ways to add (or remove!) a contact.

Below that is your account card, which is shown to everyone, and displays only the information you choose to enter.


Group Profile

Groups are the heart of Palringo.

You can quickly find out more about a group with the description, owner, and avatar now front and centre. We’ve also added new icons so you can easily spot Group Owners, Admins and Mods. Just look for the crowns!

Palringo Group DiscoveryPalringo Group Profile









Say hello and wave goodbye!

Here’s a roundup list of the main features we have added, those that have been removed (which you might miss) but also what we have replaced some of them with (which you will love!).

  • Goodbye black and white, hello TEAL!
  • The old, clunky tab menus have been replaced with a slick, new side menu.
  • Instead of the boring profile tab, the seamless chats view is now the first screen that you will see after logging in.
  • The dull Themes on iOS have been replaced with totally customisable Chat Wallpapers for both iOS and Android, giving you the freedom to completely personalise your chat backgrounds.
  • You can now view your profile as everyone else sees it when you tap your avatar, with all the important information about you at the top and always visible.
  • Group Profiles put you, the owner, front and centre, with more options and a sleaker layout than ever before.
  • We’re saying RIP to Chat swipe on Android (but not many of you knew it existed anyway!)
  • Enhanced group stats are also no longer available.
  • We’ve added new ‘/me’ and ‘/alert’ commands. Try them out!
  • You can quickly identify bot messages with the new blue message bubbles that we have introduced
  • Check out the new crown icons – gold for Owner, full for Admin, hollow for Mod – which replace the old group tags, freeing up more space for messages.

Android users can download the Beta version of the app here.

We know new things always take a bit of getting used to but we think the new update is pretty great and hope you like it too. If you do have any issues then our lovely support team will be able to help you out.

P.S. There is also a pirate hidden in there somewhere! See if you can find it…

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0 thoughts on “The all new (teal) Palringo!

  1. Tracie Sorling (catx)

    Im excited for this update! Been a pal user for ova 2 year. Lets bring it on!! Need a beta or alpha tester. Let me know!! For all the fun you have given me. Id like to give back. Thanks palringo!! Catx.

  2. Renee

    Before I update my account to premium for a third year, I need to know if Palringo will include Platform for Windows 8.1 Mobile Nokia Lumia Phones. I just purchased one and I am unable to use Palringo Messenger. 🙁

    • Palringo

      Hi, apologies for the late delay. We are only focusing on Android and iOS at the moment as unfortunately we don’t have enough demand for the Window’s version 🙁

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