The new Palringo – a quick update

Palringo New Look

As you know we’ve launched a pretty big update to Palringo, which is now available on iOS and Android. As is common with big updates like these, there tend to be some unforeseen bugs and errors that crop up that, with your help, we’ve managed to capture and are currently working on fixing.

Click here for more information about the known issues with the new Palringo. If you have an issue which is not listed please contact our support team via and give as much information as possible.

P.S. We’ve seen the future and it’s teal 🙂

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0 thoughts on “The new Palringo – a quick update

  1. Justin Linhart

    I am wondering if palringo is willing to lose at least 1/4 of their users and profits over forcing users to update to a version that seems to be disliked by most who have the new version. I have a room with 190+ members and approx 60 of them are about to stop using palringo over this update. Are you going to fix the ugly green background, small avi’s, and difficulty posting pictures and screenshots? If so when?

  2. Samuel Crowe

    this new update is horrible. the green colour is ugly, the new menu’s aren’t usefull.
    the black background I liked about this app is gone. the menu is on the side and hiden which makes fast switching between groups impossible. the app does not have the easy way to change status to away or hidden. It somehow misses my press half of the time. in short: I see no improvements what so ever since the app has so many flaws now.

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