Palringo does Movember

Palringo does Movember

Ah November! A month for fireworks, Thanksgiving celebrations, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Christmas shopping (well…for the very organised anyway). Oh yes…and the month for men to go around with some weird looking lip warmers. In other words, MOVEMBER IS HERE!

The following video gives a bit of background info on the campaign for those who have never been subjected to the facial fuzz phenomenon, which I imagine are few and far between.


This year, our very own Palringo bros are joining in on the action. We have a varied mix of the facially-haired challenged as well as those who could probably do with a shave two or three times a day, which should give a fairly hilarious combination of looks!

And we want YOU to get involved!

– Sign up, create your own team or join the Palringo team and grow a mo-mentous moustache

Donate to support our brilliant mo bros taking part at Palringo.

– Join the Movember group on Palringo to share your mo pics and support (or gently mock) those taking part. Just search for ‘movember 2014’ in the groups section of the app.

– But it’s not only about the boys. Mo sistas can get involved too.

Movember states that the idea for the campaign started as a conversation between mates and the success of it ‘can largely be attributed to the strength of the global community; regardless of the city in which they live, they feel part of something bigger.’ “It’s about global mateship.”

We believe that the unique Palringo community is pretty similar. We do conversation pretty well so we think it’s the perfect platform for raising awareness of this movement. If we can encourage just a small number of people to be more aware of prostate cancer, testicular cancer or mental health problems then it’s a job well done. Raising lots of money for charity in the process would be a pretty awesome too!

So I’ll leave you with this…a slightly terrifying picture of our 2013 Mo Club. Expect the class of 2014 to be bigger, better and bushier…

Palringo Movember 2013

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