The new Palringo: Now giving you a dark theme

Palringo New Look

We love our users because you care about Palringo, and you aren’t afraid to let us know when you don’t like something! And, where possible, we want to give you what you want.

One controversial issue that emerged after our recent update was the introduction of teal and white. But it appears there are a significant amount of you who want to remain in the dark!

So, we listened  and now we’re giving you the option to apply a dark theme to your chat view. This is offered to everyone in Palringo version 7.0.2 which you can update to now.

Simply select the option in Settings > Display.

Enjoy the darkness you Dark Knights…

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0 thoughts on “The new Palringo: Now giving you a dark theme

  1. Samuel Crowe

    Can you please get rid of the white all together? and if possible get rid of teal. I’m going to reinstall the old app.
    This new app has no benefits, only problems. TRY to make it attractive next time.

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