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Palringo does Movember

As we’re nearly half way through Movember we thought we would give you an update on how Palringo is getting on and explain a bit more why we’ve decided to support this worthy campaign.

Last year, 4 members of the Palringo team took part in Movember. This year, as our team has grown and spread across a number of different locations our Movember team has grown significantly also, with the female members of our team even signing up to be Mo Sistas! At the time of writing we are currently the National #10 in the UK and in the top ten of the UK teams (just above Newcastle United Football Club!) Amazing work. Help us stay there by donating to our wonderful Palringo team here!

Palringo Mo Sistas

Movember, to us, was an obvious campaign to support. Not only are we (unintentionally) quite a male heavy company (although the women are starting to take force), like so many others, we have all been touched by cancer in some form, whether a personal battle or a battle someone close to us has had to fight. Add the stigma that exists with mental health and it made even more sense.

But when you look at what the essence of Movember is and how it has grown, we felt a lot of similarities. Movember essentially brings a global community together, sparking conversations about something that can be a little uncomfortable to talk about. The more people talk about something, the less ‘weird’ it becomes. So prompting conversations about men’s health, whether it’s about getting your bits checked, admitting feeling that you may not be mentally healthy or even just finding others who are in the same position, can hopefully start to change the face of the men’s health.

And no matter where you’re from you can get involved. No borders. No boundaries.

Movember is a grass roots organisation which understood quickly that its best marketing tool was its community and its innate sense of camaraderie. By handing over the campaign to those taking part to run with, it has managed to become a truly global movement in less than 10 years. Its community approach, and engaging with this community online, means that everybody can be included and involved, and it is this that has set them apart.

Palringo is a community orientated chat app, and if there is one thing it’s good at, it is bringing people together to talk about some niche topics! We got involved with Movember again this year without a second thought and, as well as raising money, decided to go back to the roots of Movember  – getting people talking  and raising awareness about men’s health issues. We created a special Movember Group in Palringo for anyone to join. By focusing on the core offering of Palringo, bringing people together through community chat, and using our best tool, our aim is to help continue these conversations throughout the month and spread the message far and wide through our global community.

So while we’re delighted to be beating Newcastle United Football Club in the fundraising leaderboard (especially since we were born in Newcastle), if we can raise more awareness through our users of these incredibly important, and serious topics, while having a bit of moustache fun, then we consider ourselves winners either way.

Now I’m going to end this blog post with pictures of some of the inspirational mustachios that have been posted in the Palringo Movember group…

Mo Collage


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  1. Amisha

    Can you make the Windows PC version of Palringo the same as Android Version? I mean the look of it and also, they don’t have emo packs, so have to manually write the emo code. Also can you make the other emo’s which comes in Android Keyboard to be seen in the Pc version? Also can you provide for Red theme on Android and PC? Waiting for your reply, thanks.

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