APP UPDATE: Introducing ‘Group Discovery’

Palringo App Update

What would Palringo be without its groups? Well…probably a bit boring! So our recent update  gives some love to our Groups section.

Palringo Group DiscoverySimply put we want you to be able to find the best groups straight away. We added a little bit of algorithmic magic so you will now see a newsfeed style mixture of currently active, popular and friendly groups, relevant to your language, so you can dive right in and start chatting straight away!

You can still search for groups through specific categories as well as see our selected featured groups along the top.

To go along with our new Group Discovery feature we’ve also given user and group profiles a nice lick of paint.

iOS users will also notice that the the online availability option is back after a temporary absence! We’ve streamlined the options to ‘online’ or ‘invisible’ to make it quicker and easier to show your current availability.


There are a few other recent newbies in Palringo that we felt also deserved a mention. If you haven’t already done so check them out!

Palringo Scramble BotScramble Bot – We’ve particularly enjoyed playing this new game at Palringo HQ. “Simply” try and guess the word from the scrambled letters before anybody else (tip: the first and last letters remain the same in case you hadn’t noticed!) It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds – although one particular Palringo-er would claim otherwise. He remains unbeaten (Should probably give him more work to  do.)


Palringo Games Collector

Games Collector Achievement – This is a brand new category for all your Palringo game Achievements. Download and play one of our Palringo games from the app stores, earn an Achievement in the game and when you connect to Palringo you’ll collect a nice, shiny Achievement inside the Games Collector.

Group Games Master – Another new Achievement category, but this time we’ve just re-shuffled your existing Bot game Achievements a little. Inside the Groups Games Master you will see all your individual Bot game Achievements, such as Lightening Fingers and Rhino Rescuer, in one handy place!

We have lots more exciting games coming soon so keep your eyes open for more information!







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