You asked for them and we listened. Now introducing themes to Palringo!

Because not everyone loves Teal like we do, we’ve introduced a selection of new app-wide themes with which to customise your background. No longer is the dark theme limited to just chat view, you can now choose a completely dark background for the whole app. Or if you prefer to live your life in colour, go for one of our brighter, lighter versions!

With version 7.2, you can now choose from Dark, Eclipse, Ice-cream, Fresh and Cherished themes, as well as the default Light theme which you will find all waiting for you in your Display settings once you have updated.

While this update is currently only available to iOS users, themes for Android will also be available very soon.

Palringo ice-cream theme Palringo eclipse theme Palringo fresh theme




Palringo dark theme Palringo light theme Palringo cherished theme










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