A Roar-some new fish


There’s a new fish in town…

So you probably think you have a pretty sweet fish chart already. Silver Biddy? Hundreds. Carpet Shark? Swimming in them. The limited edition Great White Shark, Blue Fin Tuna and Giant Squid? Tick, tick and tick!

Well now one of our very own users has introduced the epic LIONFISH to the waters. The Winner of our ‘Angler of the Year’ competition which ran in December personally chose this fish to be the next must-have fish to catch.

It’s prowling the waters for this weekend only* so make sure your rods are ready and you get this bad boy up on your chart. You don’t want to be the only embarrassed one who doesn’t have it when it goes away FOREVER now, do you? And just take a look at it – it’s damn cool looking.

Right I’m off to fish….


*The Lionfish will only be available until 10am (BST) on Monday 27th May.

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