The monsters are here and ready to fight!

Palringo Monster Bot

Many of you will have met the Palringo monsters and put them to battle already, but after initially releasing them quietly into the wilds of Palringo, we are officially launching them with a brand spanking new Monster Bot site.

Rumour has it that the monsters have always been a part of the Palringo community, being mischievous and causing trouble but now we’ve rounded them up and are sending them to battle. Create a monster for your group, train it up and send it to fight other monsters across the Palringo community and see who comes out as the mightiest monster of them all – will it be yours? The site will be updated on a weekly basis so you can keep tabs on the best monsters and make sure yours gets it’s 15 minutes (or longer!) of fame.

You’ll also find all the info on how to play on the website.

To celebrate the addition of Monster Bot to our games collection we’re giving you all a whopping +50% Rep boost when you buy it and any ‘Cool down’ purchases starting TODAY until Friday 15th at 12pm (BST)!

Let’s get readddddyyyyyyyy to rumble!!!!


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