Fish for Hunger 2015


After the success of last year’s charity campaign, we’re excited to officially launch our 2015 campaign; Fish For Hunger, in association with our payment merchant partner One Card.*

This year we are supporting the very worthy Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief.

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The campaign this year will be tied in with the ever popular (yep…you guessed it) Fishing Bot! To get involved you simply need to have Fishing Bot in one of your groups and then !fish !fish !fish away.

Fish For Hunger: Help fight world hunger

We have introduced four limited edition charity (shell)fish, which will be released one per week for four consecutive weeks, starting on the Monday 15th June.

These little fellas will be pretty hard to catch and, once the campaign is over, the chance to catch them will be gone for good – don’t miss the opportunity to get them on your chart!

Chumming will help you catch bigger and rarer fish while refilling will replenish the amount of casts you have…all of which will help you catch those elusive new ocean inhabitants!

We’ll release one new creature every week from 15th June, with an extra week at the end to try and hook all four. The campaign will end on Friday 17th July.

If you DO manage to catch all of them, you’ll reap extra rewards with the shiny new Achievement: Fishing Hero 2015.

Palringo Fish for Hunger


Your contribution 

During the campaign 50% of all money raised** from the purchases of Fishing Bot, chum and refills will be split evenly between our two charity partners.

So have fun fishing and help raise money to provide food to those in need at the same time!


Charity Message Packs

We’re kicking off the campaign this week (beginning 8th June) with the release of two fun new Message Packs which can be bought from the Palringo store using your credits. 50% of funds from the sales of these Message Packs will go directly to the charities.**

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Support Action Against Hunger by getting yourself the Fish for Hunger Message Pack. Perfect for all your Fishing Bot needs! Or choose the special Ramadan 2015 Message Pack to support Islamic Relief.

OR get both and help support both charities with their Palringo projects! They will be available to purchase until the 17th July.

Read more about our 2014 campaign here

* One Card have reduced their fees for the duration of the campaign so that more of your money will go to charity. Credits are still available to purchase through our other payment partners.

** All admin fees will be covered by Palringo so the full 50% of funds will go straight to the charities.

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