We support the UN Global Goals


This week we’re proud to be supporting the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The reason? Well, the more people that know about them, the more chance they have of being met.


The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are a set of 17 goals laid out by the UN which aim to do three things: end extreme poverty, fight inequality and justice and fix climate change.

As a communication platform with an incredible community, which has showed its potential in our past charity campaigns, Palringo wants to get YOU talking, discussing, sharing, playing and getting creative to make everyone aware of the UN Global Goals.

So what can you do?

First and foremost, join [globalgoals] on Palringo

We’ve created a dedicated chat group [globalgoals] where you can find out more info, talk to other people about the campaign, discuss which goals mean the most to you, share pictures and videos and anything else that will make the goals famous!

Then visit globalgoals.org  

Here you will find out all the activities taking place around the world to support the Global Goals and how you can get involved.

Change your avatar

Pick the goal that means the most to you and then make the icon your avatar to show your support.


It’s as simple as that.



GG_Goal-3_Jamie-Oliver GG_Goal-9_Stephen-Hawking2

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