Save the candy! Burst balloons instead!



Sick of crushing candy? Burst balloons instead in Balloony Land, our satisfyingly addictive new Match 3 game, available now for free on iOS and Android.

Balloony Land screenshot

Pop your way through the five different worlds of Balloony Land, matching and bursting endless combos of balloons as the rest float up to fill the empty spaces (yes up, not down! How refreshing!).

Work your way through 96 challenging levels, trying to collect the free Diamond Star in each by making the best combination of moves and getting the most points. Create super balloons or choose to unleash one of your valuable boosters, such as the mighty balloon dart, to help you overcome different obstacles. From explosive time bombs to the dreaded ice, which freezes all your balloons if you don’t pop it away in time, there’s no shortage of balloon blockers to keep you coming back for more. You can also purchase special collections of stars if you need that extra helping hand through the levels.

Balloony Land

But where’s the fun in playing alone? Connect to Palringo and meet other gamers to play with and against. Not only will you automatically receive free in game currency, but you can request lives when you need help, send gifts, join special Balloony Land chat groups to swap tips and tricks and even take part in group challenges and earn Achievements!

There’s something so satisfying about bursting those balloons that will make you want to play just one…more…time!

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