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You may have noticed that some of our most recent games have mysteriously lost the word ‘Bot’ from their name. This short post is just to assure you that we haven’t just become lazy and can’t be bothered to add it on, and that we don’t have imposter Bots out there joining your groups!

The reason for the change is that we are starting to make more of a distinction between functional Bots, like Welcome Bot and Protect Bot, that help you to manage your groups, and gaming Bots, such as Hangman Bot, Fishing Bot and Heist, which keep you and your buddies entertained on Palringo.

You can still find all chat games under the ‘Bots’ section in the store for now. All our other external games can be downloaded from the ‘Games’ tab in the side menu.

We will be adding more features to chat games that will help make this distinction even clearer and make chat games even easier to play! Watch this space…


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