Are you ready to become a Crime Lord?


Latest word from the street is that we’ll soon be releasing our hot new MMORPG – Crime Lords. Battle it out with other gangs on the streets of some of the biggest and most dangerous cities around the world to decide who’ll be the one true kingpin.

We’re giving you the chance to get exclusive early access, give us feedback and help us make the game brilliant. Simply add your email address below and we’ll let you know when the streets are ready for the next Crime Lord.

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35 thoughts on “Are you ready to become a Crime Lord?

  1. As long as the game isn’t like battlecry, world war and monsters. Those push button games aren’t fun at all, it seems like it took 6 mins to create them with no thought and charge the customers too much money for nothing.

  2. tired of the suffering

    palringo sadly doesnt support its products or care about its users/customers and your staff and company steal from, abuse and discriminate against people, disabled people and people with disabilities for years… not looking forwards to another possible game thats a copy of existing buggy products. if u learn to care about customers someday they might not abandon your apps.

  3. Harrison

    so hyoped for this! I was an avid iMobsters player, and if anyone he played MachineZone’s older games like Original Gangstaz and Global War, if this new game is anything like those, I’m going to be burning hundreds of dollars, lol. Can’t wait!

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