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To say we’re fans of games at Palringo would be a *teeny* bit of an understatement. Lunch times are mainly spent playing Mario or Call of Duty, we’ve got some world class World of Warcraft and League of Legends players working for us and we even spend the odd evening playing board games. We’re gaming geeks…and we love it.

A huge number of our 40 million users on Palringo are of the same persuasion and so here we introduce the biggest and most popular gaming communities you can find in Palringo. Like games? Then GET IN HERE!!



Minecraft, that bloody brilliant blocky RPG builder, has a pretty loyal following on Palringo with over 40 groups dedicated to the virtual Lego game. Start off with the biggest group, [minecraft], where you can find hundreds of fans to geek out with as well as finding out about the Palcraft server. From there you can delve deeper into the Minecraft world on Palringo with your new mates!



The Hearthstone group in Palringo is always hopping. Get help with your decks, get advice on a specific encounter you’re struggling with and get involved in Palringo run tournaments as well as some good ol general Blizzard banter. So what are you waiting for? ºل͜º ºل͜º ºل͜º EVERYONE,GET IN HERE ºل͜º ºل͜º ºل͜º


[Clash of Clans]

What’s a gaming community without Clash of Clans? This specific [clash of clans] group is where you want to be for hints and tips as well as recruitment. Looking for a new clan to welcome you with open arms? Check out the CoC group gallery and take your pick!


 [League of Legends]

Do you often find yourself doing battle on the fields of justice? Well the [league of legends] group is a good place to find new friends to do battle with and perhaps climb the ranks to challenger (or maybe just get out of bronze)!


Needless to say we could write a thesis on all the different gaming groups in Palringo, from the obvious blockbusters to the fairly obscure. But it’s probably best to jump straight in and see what tickles your fancy! (plus writing a thesis doesn’t sound too much fun.)

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