12 ways to increase your Rep


We’ve outlined everything you need to know about Rep and now here are 12 easy steps you can take to increase it and reap the benefits!

These are split into two categories – ‘Achievements’ and other ways.


As well as looking pretty on your profile, Achievements are one of the focal points of Reputation in Palringo. With most Achievements, it’s unlocking the next step that gives your Rep a boost, so do everything you can to keep completing each one.

  1. Get the ‘Game Collector’ Achievement by playing each of Palringo’s external games

Palringo_Games Collector

When you download each of our games on Android or iOS and connect to Palringo, you’ll get the Game Collector when you earn the first Achievement in that game. It doesn’t take long to collect them all, and you’ll have some fun along the way!


  1. Earn the separate Achievements from the mobile games

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 16.22.49

Keep climbing more floors in Icy Tower, popping through levels in Balloony Land and working your way around our other mobile games to get even more Achievements out of them.


  1. Join more groups and unlock more Social Butterfly steps

Social butterfly

It’s super easy to progress with the Social Butterfly Achievement. Simply browse the ‘Discover’ section and join groups you like the look of.


  1. Play Chat Games to earn more Achievements

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 17.02.09

Almost all of our Chat Games / gaming Bots have an Achievement tied to them. Check out the “Group Games Master” section of the Achievements on your profile. You can get the games in the store for your groups, or you can play them for free in groups that already have them! Join in on the fun!


  1. Create groups and grow them to become a Crowd Sorcerer

Crowd sorcerer

If you think you’ve got what it takes to host a popular group, start creating and spreading the word to get people joining. The more people you get in your group, the more Crowd Sorcerer Achievements you’ll earn. The best groups are friendly and welcoming, and make the most of both games and Bots to nurture a fun and happy place to hang out.


  1. Gift Bots to other groups

Bot master

The Bot Master Achievement is awarded simply for buying Bots, and the Little Santa Achievement for gifting products to other users or groups. The astute among you will have realised this means that gifting Bots will give you a boost on two Achievements for the price of one!



Aside from Achievements, there are various other ways to build Rep too…


  1. Chat more, in more groups


True, gaming is part and parcel of Palringo, but so is conversation! Be active in multiple groups and your Rep will keep on ticking over.


  1. Log in to Palringo several days in a row

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 17.16.48

There’s an Achievement for this, but you’ll also be rewarded directly with Rep for keeping up with what’s going on by logging in several days in a row. See if you can log-in every day for 14 days to gain the top Achievement plus the associated Rep.


  1. Get (and keep) a Premium Account

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 17.15.15

You get extra Rep simply for owning a Premium Account, which you can buy yourself for one year or, if you’re lucky, be gifted it by someone else. For every year you have it, there’s an Achievement too.


  1. Recruit via invite centre


On your profile, you have a special URL and QR code you can use to invite friends to join Palringo. You’ll get a share of Rep for all successful sign-ups, and will directly benefit even further from helping them find their feet in the community too.


  1. Promotions and credits


There are no ads in Palringo, and that’s the way we want to keep it. Instead we offer products, games, upgrades and special features in return for credits. Because these purchases are vital to keep the Palringo world full of fun, games and thriving groups, you get Rep for buying credits. You’ve also probably noticed the promos we run on new or upgraded products, where “extra Rep” is offered for a limited time. That means you’ll get additional Rep by buying the product on offer, as well as on the credits you’re paying with. Combine that craftily with the Bot Master and Little Santa Achievements to get the best Rep returns.


  1. Bundles


For those who like a lot of Bots and want a good deal on their subscriptions, we offer a chunk of Rep for purchases of the bundles of Gaming Bots and the Essential Bots. There’s also Message Pack bundles with the same offer, but remember all of these are only available via the web-store .


Welcome to the ‘One Game!’

That should be more than enough ways to get you levelling up –  some are quick tricks, some take time and others require a bit more skill and commitment. As well as bragging rights, special avatars and fancy gems, there are certain privileges you’ll obtain by reaching the higher levels.

But it’s not ALL about Rep. You can come, hang out and just chat and play, which makes Palringo fun for everyone.


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