What the fudge is Rep?


All of Palringo’s a game, and we are merely players

What do we mean when we talk about Palringo, gaming and that word ‘Rep’ that’s always being used?

As you know, we make Chat Games such as Fishing Bot, Number Detectives and Heist. We also develop mobile games like Icy Tower, Dark Nebula and Balloony Land, with other great titles in the pipeline. On top of that, there are literally thousands of different gaming groups on Palringo to recruit new team members, share tactics and plan strategies for all kinds of other, non-Palringo games, whether that’s mobile, console, desktop, roleplaying or even table-top!

Palringo_Games Collector
So, that’s already a lot of games (and a lot of times we’ve used the word games). However, there is one more…the fundamental game of Palringo itself. The thing which underpins everything we, and you, do. It’s the One Game that binds all of Palringo together.

Ohhh sounds exciting! What is this ‘One Game’?!

Well, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already started playing. All Palringo users get Reputation and Achievements for chatting, playing and being a part of the Palringo community, and Reputation counts towards your user level – that’s the number that sits next to your name. This is important, of course – we all love a bit of status, but we see the game of Palringo as far more multidimensional than that.


Like any epic game, there are different roles and different ways to succeed in Palringo. You could be an esteemed socialite, someone who instantly brings fun and interest to any group or conversation. Or maybe you’re an elite gamer, and people envy your fast fingers and mental agility. Alternatively, some prefer to be the host, to provide their friends and groups with all the fun and entertainment they could ever want. Equally, just being a reliable friend and team player goes a long way in Palringo – and this will only become more important with some of the new releases we’re planning. The Palringo community thrives because of people in all these roles.

Still, for some users, it’s Reputation, user level, Achievements and the rewards that come with these things that count. So…want to find out how to easily increase your Rep? Of course you do! So we’ve written a whole blog post on how to do just that….

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