Heroes Against Hunger 2016


Our annual charity campaigns are going from strength to strength and we think this year will be even better with some mighty heroes helping out! ‘Whatever do you mean?’ we hear you cry. Well, we’re glad you asked…

Over the past 3 years you generous bunch have raised over $700,000 for charity which, frankly, is bloomin’ amazing and has inspired us to keep upping our game. Which is why this year we’re aiming to bring that total to $1 million!

So, we want to introduce you to the…



…the brand new Chat Game featuring the imitable team that – with your guidance- will help our two charity partners; Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief, continue their fight against world hunger and helping those is need. 50% of all proceeds from the purchase of the game, and purchase of in-game boosters will be split between the two charities.

What’s more, this is the first game to be released on the brand new GamePad!

Hero Squad screenshot2

Get involved

Hero Squad is a new game all about saving the world (making it the perfect game to launch our 2016 charity campaign!) To play, we recommend getting to grips with the snazzy new GamePad interface (which you’ll find by tapping the icon beside your typing bar) but the well known !commands will work too.

You’ll start with 2 heroes who you can send on missions to save and protect the people from all sorts of dangers. The more people you save, the more points you’ll get! The more missions you complete, the more heroes you’ll unlock and the bigger and more challenging the missions you can send them on.

Unite your heroes to be able to send them on another mission straight away, or Power Up to help your whole group complete harder missions by boosting the heroes’ powers.

Take note! We will release one limited edition charity mission per week starting on 13th June which can only be completed during the charity campaign period so if you want the best mission reports, make sure you work your heroes hard in the next few weeks!

And you might (you definitely will) just get yourself a special new charity Achievement if you manage to complete all of those special missions…

Happy Hero

Your contribution

50%* of all proceeds from the purchase of Hero Squad, Power Ups and Unites during the charity campaign, which will run from 6th June – 8th July 2016, will be split evenly between our two chosen charities.

So grab your heroes, save the people and in doing so you’ll be helping to raise money to provide food to those who really are in need at the same time.

Read more about our trip to India to see how Action Against Hunger has been using the money you raised last year to help feed malnourished children in Rajasthan.


*All admin fees will be covered by Palringo so the full 50% of funds will go straight to the charities


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3 thoughts on “Heroes Against Hunger 2016

  1. Katje

    Hello, I cannot find Hero Squad in my Store or in my Games. I would like to contribute. Will you please tell me where I can find it?
    ~ Thank you

    • Palringo

      Hi Kate. Thanks for your enthusiasm for the campaign! We will be launching the game next week (we’re just doing some final testing on it) but we’ll let you know when it’s available to play! We hope you like it…

    • You can have Hero Squad Bot join your group by using !hero join then the group ID. For example: !hero join 1234567. You can find Hero Squad Bot in the main [Palringo] group. You can now play the bot. Are you ready for Monday (June 6th)?! I know I am! 🙂

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