Guess What? We have MORE prizes to give away!


The competitions keep coming and this week it’s the turn of Guess What (one of our favourite games here at Palringo HQ!

So, if you’re quick with your typing and fancy trying to bag yourself some Rep and Credits, this could be the competition for you!

**Official Top 20 Guess What players!**

You’re probably all Guess What-ed out at this stage so here’s the leaderboard for the top players of the competition! Impressive work 😉

The rest of the winners will be notified via PM in the next 3 working days and prizes will be distributed within 7 working days.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for the winners of the funniest wrong answers!


Number  ID Score
1 38854812 5936
2 39586579 2361
3 28926717 2304
4 7115811 2203
5 28549664 1869
6 36453070 1523
7 41184758 1167
8 45727757 1131
9 16117174 1027
10 41583954 859
11 28526981 772
12 57744513 722
13 33621015 683
14 57758357 600
15 39973897 519
16 7773795 506
17 29668001 417
18 25117795 336
19 9362616 324
20 30381310 313


All you have to do to be a winner is to win as many Guess What games as possible. And how do you win a Guess What game? Just be the quickest one to guess the image correctly! Simple, right?

*As a little bonus there will also be a 50% Rep boost on all purchases of Guess What Bot the duration of the competition!*

BUT we’re ALSO running a competition for the funniest wrong guesses as we all know that’s part of the fun of Guess What! So even if you’re not the quickest, you could win some prizes by sharing your funniest answers. Simply take a screenshot, post it to your social media channel of choice and tag Palringo in it along with the #GuessWhat hashtag and we’ll pick our favourite at the end of the competition.

Facebook – @palringo

Twitter – @Palringo

Instagram – @PalringoOfficial

The competition begins on Wednesday 28th September at 4pm (BST) and will finish at 12pm (BST) on Friday the 30th September.

How to take part:

  • Join a group with Guess What Bot in it or add it to one of the groups you are already in. Or you can play in one of our specially created groups which you will find in the ‘Featured’ section
  • Play Guess What and win as many games as possible! You can play in as many groups as you like
  • The player with the most correct guesses answered in the quickest time will be crowned the winner!
  • Prizes are as follows:
    • 1st prize: 1000 Rep points and 700 credits
    • 2nd prize: 700 Rep points and 500 credits
    • 3rd prize: 500 Rep points and 300 credits
    • 4th – 50th prize: 200 Rep points and 200 credits
    • 51 – 100th prize: 100 Rep points and 100 credits
  • Winners will be notified via PM within 3 working days of the end of the competition
  • Prizes will be distributed within 7 days of the end of the competition



  • Fastest and most correct guesses compared to everyone else taking part wins, not just the group you are playing in!  
  • Only scores during the competition time will be counted. Historical scores are not included – so if you were playing before, you need to play again during the tournament to have your score counted in.
  • Players can play in any group and in multiple groups. If you don’t have Guess What  in your group check the ‘Featured’ section as there will be a group especially for the tournament!
  • The competition is only open to users in UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.
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