What’s new on Palringo Android?


Our latest update for Android is jam-packed full of goodies! Read on for the low down…

Palringo V7.6 for Android is a treat for the chatters with easier chat switching, chat starter, customisation and even a cute new Palringo pet!


Chat Switching

  • We’ve replaced the side menu with a new tab feature that brings chats to the forefront and makes it easier to switch between all your recent active chats, groups and contacts.
  • Everything else is stored under the ‘More’ tab

Chat Switcher 

  • Introducing a handy search tool that filters through all your contacts, groups and group members. Just hit the Chat Starter button at the bottom of the side menu, start typing a name or group and the list will filter accordingly so you can quickly and easily start a chat with…anyone!


  • Now you can favourite contacts AND groups which will pin them to the top of your inbox so they’ll always be the first ones you see


  • We’ve listened to your feedback, so say welcome back to ‘Away’ and ‘Busy’ statuses!


  • We all love a bit of customisation so that something feels a bit more personal. Check out the new customisation settings that will let you tweak how certain features work.
  • You can also try out the new Palringo theme for size.

Palringo Hamster

  • And finally, look out for our new little Palringo hamster who’ll help you out with tips if you get lost!
  • What should we call it?



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