WANTED! The fastest shooter in Palringo!


the tournament is over! The top 10 can be found below


Place Name ID Score
1 Emm. ⑨ 4289981 180
1 8 10779833 180
1 ✃ isadora 🇳🇴🏳️‍🌈 19856662 180
1 🔸ᴬᴮᴼ ᷂Ꮪᴴᴬᴴᴬᴰ 20259308 180
1 ຮıɱo͟͟ʑ 36453070 180
6 17235850 181
6 Floccinaucinihilipilificatrix™ ‮‮ ‮‮ 20313756 181
6 Griffin 21444135 181
6 Hoda 35024424 181
6 Bob 41808703 181

There were so many fast shooters this time that we have a lot of joint winners!


With Rep points and credits up for grabs, you will want to start practising your draw, aim and fire technique for the chance to be crowned the fastest Duel player!


The competition will kick off on Tuesday May 9th at 13:00 BST until Thursday May 11th at 13:00 BST.


*There will also be a nice little 50% Rep boost on all Duel boosters and Duel bot.


How to take part:


  • Join a group with Duel game in it or add it to one of the groups you are already in
  • Play Duel! You can play as many games as you like in as many different groups as you like
  • The player with the best (lowest) shooting time will be crowned the winner!
  • 1st prize: 2000 Rep points and 2000 credits!!
    • 2nd prize: 1000 Rep points and 1000 credits
    • 3rd prize: 500 Rep points and 500 credits
    • 4th – 50th prize: 200 Rep points and 200 credits
    • 51 – 200th prize: 100 Rep points and 100 credits


  • Winners will be notified via PM within 3 working days of the end of the competition and will be announced in our Facebook page!
  • Prizes will be distributed within 7 days of the end of the competition



    • Fastest players win, but you need to be fastest not only in the group, but also compared to everyone else taking part!
    • If you lose a game you will get 0.01 second penalty to your last score
    • Only scores during the competition time will be counted. Historical scores are not included – so if you were playing before, you need to score again during the tournament to have your score counted in.
    • Players can play in any group and in multiple groups. If you don’t have Duel in your group check the Featured section as there will be a group especially for the tournament!


  • Don’t be afraid to keep trying! We only count your best score during the tournament, not the last.



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