Charity at Palringo in 2017


Charity has been important at Palringo over the last few years. We’ve run major annual campaigns with our community that focuses on raising money to help those in need across the world.

Last summer, Palringo users’ incredible generosity, and sustained engagement with our initiatives, took us right to the cusp of hitting our first $1 million. This will be a remarkable milestone that demonstrates the tremendous spirit and compassion among our community.


The hundreds of thousands of dollars you’ve raised for each of our two charity partners, Islamic Relief and Action Against Hunger, have proven invaluable to both organisations’ efforts to tackle some of the most troubling challenges facing people in the world today.


For Islamic Relief, the funds raised went to multiple projects, including water supply in Lebanon, and separate healthcare initiatives in Somalia and South Africa.

Travelling with Action Against Hunger back in February 2016, we were fortunate to witness first-hand how far the money goes in the hands of the charities. These are smart and effective organisations, with resourceful and committed staff forming a chain that links all the way from the central, city-based offices, right out to the front-line field work.


Matt White, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Action Against Hunger, sums up how Palringo’s support helped them again with our campaign last year:


“The Palringo community are our heroes. They have raised an incredible £74,000 this year toward Action Against Hunger’s work which aims to end child hunger. The success of the Hero Squad game means that we will be able to save the lives of many more severely malnourished children. A massive thank you from all at Action Against Hunger to everyone who has been part of this fantastic achievement.”


As Palringo’s own staff, we would like to echo these words and express how deeply proud we are of your efforts to date. The injustices driving the charities we work with are vast, but we have seen they are not insurmountable and that every penny truly makes a difference.


With that in mind, please stay tuned for information on this year’s campaign, coming very soon…


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