Introducing: Fish for Hunger 2017!




Those of you who’ve been around a while will be familiar with Palringo’s annual charity campaigns. As we reminded ourselves last week, in 2016 we neared the incredible $1 million raised mark and have continued to see the vital difference this funding makes to our charity partners.


Now, nearing the middle of 2017, it’s again time for us to empower the Palringo community to make the world a better place!

Following a courageous summer battling for good causes, we felt the Palringo Hero Squad deserved a well-earned rest… so, what’s on the agenda this year?


We’re extremely excited to announce Fish for Hunger 2017: Freaks of Nature – Fishing Bot is back and it’s weirder than ever!


Over the course of the next month, we’ll be releasing some exceedingly unusual species for you to try and reel in to add to your treasured collection. These ocean oddities won’t be around forever, so get your bait and your rods at the ready to ensure you nab a fine limited edition specimen of each while you can!


Half of all Fishing Bot proceeds to Islamic Relief and Action Against Hunger

From Tuesday 30th May right through to Monday 26th June, 50% of *all* revenues from Fishing Bot will go to charity. At the end of the period, we’ll be getting our calculators out to total everything up and split the charity funds between Islamic Relief and Action Against Hunger, our much respected and longstanding charity partners.


So remember, Chum and Golden Lures will help you catch bigger and rarer fish, while Refills will let you cast faster! Why not work with your fellow fishermen to combine boosters and help you all catch those mysterious deep sea dwellers?


We’ll soon be surpassing the $1m donation mark and we’re excited to see how far we can go. So, make sure you hang around over the weekend and look out for those freaky new fish next week!

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