Thought to have been erased from the planet millions of years ago, we have confirmation that, through a dark and malevolent force, dinosaurs once again roam the Earth.

Place Nickname ID Score
1 ㄥ卂乙乇尺 57187033 9445
2 !(͜͡Ꮋ͜͡༑Ꮜ͜͡༑Ꮮ͜͡༑Ꮶ͜͡)!🇦🇺 37405286 4095
3 🐘Palringo://debug/reset/cache 🇫🇷 34002849 3657
4 cσяıηgα _\l/_ 40448252 3395
5 ♠☢ PHIL ☢♠ 29820131 3345
6  ⚠️ ⌯ ⃗ 『➫Ꭰ͢ᎪℕᏩ̫➌Ꮢ✰』🇬🇧 34428643 3135
7 ‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​​‏​‏​Vitor 62004713 2810
8 Padres 38924341 2674
9 [ ᓚᓆɡɔ̇ ᎬᎷ Ⴢ̤յ̇ᒪᓗ̣ᓗ ] 7443414 2622
10 SHADOW 🌟⁵⁹ 5922022 2359


This is no theme park or tourist attraction. Hordes of dinosaur minions and giant predators are on the rampage and we need our Heroes to find and stop the evil mastermind behind the attacks.


Some say Viper, the Reptilian Prince, has a bone to pick with the people of the world and has set his creatures loose to allow natural selection to run its course… We need you, the Heroes of Palringo, to help us eliminate his minions and put an end to his evil doings.


To encourage our bravest Heroes to unite and help banish this abomination for good, we’re running a competition to reward the most courageous of all – stop the most minions within 48 hours and you’ll be crowned the winner!

The contest starts on Tuesday 4th July at 13:00 (BST) and will finish at 13:00 (BST) on Thursday the 6th July.

(Please note that the competition may end early if all 1.75 million minions are stopped before the end of the tournament.)

To further incentivise a titanic effort, we’re also adding a 50% Rep boost to all purchases of Hero Squad boosters, and the bot, for the duration of the competition! (This won’t end if the tournament finishes early!)


How to take part:


    • Join a group with Hero Squad bot in it or add it to one of the groups you are already in
    • Play Hero Squad by typing !hero (or using the gamepad!)
    • The player who stops the most minions wins!
    • Prizes up for grabs are**:


  • 1st prize: 2000 Rep points and 2000 credits!! + 1 Group of your choice featured for 1 week


    • 2nd prize: 1000 Rep points and 1000 credits + 1 Group of your choice featured for 1 week
    • 3rd prize: 500 Rep points and 500 credits + 1 Group of your choice featured for 1 week
    • 4th – 50th prize: 200 Rep points and 200 credits
    • 51 – 200th prize: 100 Rep points and 100 credits
  • The top 200 players will also get an achievement.
  • Winners will be notified via PM within 3 working days of the end of the competition
  • Prizes will be distributed within 7 days of the end of the competition




  • Players can play in any group and in multiple groups. If you don’t have Hero Squad bot in your group check the Featured section as there will be a group especially for

the tournament!



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