The Tournament of Champions is Here!

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1 ♩⇣‟أحْـہ ــمَــدْ يـَہ ـاْسِـہ ـينْ ┋ ᷂✦ 15841358

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the chance for the best of the best to battle it out for the title of Champion of Champions. The tournament of choice will be the fan favorite Fish Bot.


How do you qualify?

If you were in the top 200 of any of our last 6 tournaments (Maze, Fish, Darts, High/Low, Quiz, Hero) you are in!


How do I take part?

On Thursday the 1st of February at 2PM GMT we will send a notification to everyone who has qualified to join a top-secret group, in this group you must Fish for your heart’s content over the next 24 hours, the winner will be the person who at the end of the 24 hours has the most unique GROUP RECORDS (in the case of a tie the person with the largest fish will win).


What are the prizes?

The winner will win a 25,000 Rep points and 25,000 credits! They will also receive a one-off achievement only awarded to the Champion of Champions. Anyone else who sets a record but doesn’t win will win 5,000 Rep and 5000 credits.


So prepare yourself for a battle of epic proportions.


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