The long awaited update for the Group Games Master Achievement!



We have given the Group Games Master Achievement a much needed update by removing all of the things that you didn’t like about it and ensuring it gives you more of the things you do like – let’s go over the new changes shall we?


The most requested improvement has arrived, as we introduce new gaming Achievements into the gaming category you will NEVER lose the Group Games Master Achievements and any associated reputation that you worked so hard to gain.

We have changed the way you unlock this Achievement compared to before, you won’t be required to unlock the first step of every single gaming Achievement to unlock the first Group Games Master Achievement. Now the steps are simpler, to achieve the first step you will need to unlock the first three steps of any five achievements in the category as well as much more Rep than before as well as sweet new artwork.

So will you become the new Group Games Master? There’s only one way to find out… GET PLAYING!

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