Palringo 8 – The New Black


Martin, Founder of Palringo


Ten years ago, we first launched Palringo group chat for iPhone and Android phones. In those 10 years, Palringo has facilitated conversation, debate, and entertainment for over 30 million people, all around the world.

We’ve served the role of a virtual campfire around which communities have gathered, evolved, and thrived. We strongly believe that the resulting interchange of vantage points, ideas, perspectives, and life experiences between groups of people who may otherwise not have had the chance to connect, continues to unite and enrich our global culture.

Now, taking on board lessons learned over the last decade, we’re proud to introduce Palringo 8.0 part of our ongoing strive to create the world’s ultimate online gathering place.

One of the main things we’ve changed, is that we’ve overhauled the entire app navigation. We’ve merged the simplicity that many of our users loved in Palringo 5 for Android, and Palringo 6 for iOS, with some of the more modern design touches and features introduced in recent years.

Along the bottom you’ll see a strip of 5 tabs – from here you gain access to every facet of the Palringo experience.

We begin on the “Home” tab… This is the control centre of your Palringo experience. From here you can see some of the details about your logged in account, its reputation, achievements, and standing within the community. You can see your credit balance, and easily access the Palringo store, as well as review any notifications which we may send you.

Next, we navigate to the “Discover” section…

We’ll continually be refining the recommendations we display here, showcasing some of the interesting and vibrant conversations ongoing on Palringo. This section is great for new users looking to discover some starting points, and will be further evolved to suit established users looking to discover something new.

The next three screens are all about the conversation. You can see your recent chats, groups, and contacts. We’ve spent a lot of time carefully planning and refining each these screens, so that we show just the right amount of information, in just the right places, so that you can easily navigate between the conversations you’re participating in.

From the chats list, I can quickly jump into a conversation I might be interested in, and then swipe back out from the edge to quickly return to the chats list. You can see I’ve muted some of the more fast-paced groups that I’m in, so that I can keep my eye on the conversation, without being notified of each and every message.

Often, we find ourselves in many Palringo groups, all of them active at once. Keeping up with these fast-paced conversations can be quite a challenge. To help quickly switch back and forth between active chats, we’ve developed a new feature: The Chat Dock* (currently available on iOS only).

The chat dock is swiped in from the edge of the screen. You’ll see two sections: the bottom section is filled with
your recently opened chats, and the top part can be customised with chats of your own choosing. Simply tap a chat to switch straight to it, much like switching channels on a TV remote control.

Our expert users will particularly love some of the gestures we’ve built into the dock. With one single gesture, I can swipe in from the right hand side, hover over a group I might like, preview the most recent message, and release my finger to jump straight into that group, while also dismissing the dock.

For users in many active conversations, we hope the dock makes switching chats super easy, and super fast.

This is just a sneak preview of some of the things we’re excited to share about Palringo 8. Behind the scenes we’ve spent a lot of time optimising the experience, and making some major changes to our servers to improve reliability and pave the way for future features.

We hope you’ll enjoy using Palringo 8, as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.


It’s time to go to the store for your own shiny Palringo 8!

If you are an Android phone user and don’t see an update in the Play Store yet, don’t worry – it will appear in a day or two as the release rolls out.

*You can find more information on how to use Chat Dock here.

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