School’s IN: Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week!


Whether it’s Ms Simmons with her juggling-based memory exercises, Mr Baig with his impromptu musical outbursts or Mrs Bernard with her notoriously difficult spelling tests, we never forget our favourite school teachers. No matter how long ago it may sometimes seem that we were once sat in class, certain memories seem to stick with us forever thanks to those special tutors.


It’s also true that, despite the nostalgia, teaching can often feel like a thankless task at the time. That’s why this year we’ve decided to celebrate our very own Teacher Appreciation Week!


Many countries around the world have a dedicated day or week where they pay tribute to all the teachers working hard to educate the generations of the future and we felt it’s about time we got involved too.


So, without further ado, we’re kicking off the Palringo community Teacher Appreciation Week today!


No such occasion would be complete without an accompanying promotion, so we’ve picked a fitting selection of utilities and gaming bots that are particularly good at keeping you on your toes while having fun and helping you learn – just like the very best teachers do.


From Tuesday 24th April 2018, at 10am BST, you’ll be able to get *50% EXTRA REP* on any and every purchase of the below bots, with the offer ending Friday 27th April at 10am BST.


  1. Mathletics Bot
  2. Countdown Bot
  3. Crossword Bot
  4. Teamwork Spell Bot
  5. Quiz Bot
  6. English Dictionary Bot
  7. English to Arabic Translator Bot


Head on over to the Palringo store now to make the most of the offer.


Once again, here’s to all the hard-working teachers making a difference to childhoods all over the globe!


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