Introducing the new and *vastly* improved Poll Bot!


Hold it right there – we have a very important question to ask you all: which of the following is your favourite Palringo bot?


A: Pool Bot

B: Polly Bot

C: Polo Bot

D: Poll Bot


Okay, ready, and vote… NOW.


*Shuffles pretend papers as the votes fly in and the clock counts down dramatically*


That’s it! Time’s up and voting’s over, let’s take a look at the results and see wh-…well, well, well would you believe it?! It’s a 100%, hands down, universal, across the board victory for the almighty Poll Bot!


Fine, that particular poll may have been somewhat fixed. Still, the point is, Poll Bot is BACK and like you’ve never seen it before.


What’s new?


We’ve reinvented the original Poll Bot as something so much more useful, flexible and most importantly so much more fun. Still a floating voter? OK, here’s our manifesto for the new-look Poll Bot:

  1. Creating a poll now takes place in private message between creator and the bot, meaning less mess, confusion and spam for the rest of the group.


  1. Whereas before you only had the option to run 1-5 minute polls, now you can give your group members anything from 30 minutes to 5 days to ensure they have an appropriate amount of time to take their pick.


  1. Similarly, you can now run up to 5 polls at once in any group compared to the original single poll functionality.


  1. We’ve overhauled the way results of the poll are structured to make them easier to understand, and the creator of the poll has the results posted to them via PM too!


  1. While it’s great for everyone to have their say at times, on certain matters you might want to reserve voting rights for the more experienced members of the group. Perhaps you have a large, open group, but you particularly want opinions from a select portion of the members. For this reason, the revamped Poll Bot allows polls to be restricted to users with a certain Reputation level. After all, Rep is still what makes the Palringo world go round!

  1. No bot redesign would be complete without the all-important achievement, and this Poll Bot update is no different. If you vote on a poll it counts the vote and adds to your total score which will unlock steps of the new achievement. You heard it here first, Palringo officially rewards democracy in action.

Why the update?


Each of these additions have been developed to both broaden the ways in which Poll Bot can be used and also improve the whole experience.


So whether it’s voting for your favourite group member, mod or admin, choosing the best singers in your group or simply asking the gang what you should cook for dinner – all that and more can be decided more simply than ever with the power of Poll Bot


One final thing to note – the bot is also now infinitely better value to add to your group, because despite all these extras the price is one thing that won’t be changing!

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