Pushing Palringo charity further in 2018


Last year, our amazing community raised an incredible $136k during our Fish For Hunger charity campaign. These efforts meant we smashed the million dollar mark, with Palringo’s all-time charity contributions now totaling an unbelievable $1.125m.


When the first charity campaign was launched five years ago, we couldn’t have imagined ever surpassing such a milestone, and for that we have only all of you to thank. So please, gives yourselves a pat on the back for helping to make the world a better place.


2017 Review


As with previous campaigns, the vital funds raised last summer were donated towards two charities we greatly admire and continue to develop strong partnerships with: Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief.


With that time of year rapidly approaching once more, let’s take a step back to reflect on where that money went and how much difference it’s really making.


We recently caught up with the two charities to get some insight into what they’ve been working on in the past year, with thanks to the contributions you all made in 2017.


Action Against Hunger: Azraq, Jordan


Funds raised for Action Against Hunger by Palringo’s 2017 charity campaign are currently supporting a project in Jordan to improve the living conditions of Jordanian communities hosting Syrian refugees. The expanding population of refugees in Jordan has increased pressure on basic services and infrastructure, including sanitation and waste disposal. The project, in Azraq, central-eastern Jordan, is supporting the most vulnerable populations by improving the collection and processing of organic waste into compost for use in agriculture. The programme is also creating jobs through a cash-for-work programme and promoting sustainable soil management practices within Azraq’s farming community.

Islamic Relief


Palringo’s donation was distributed to three key projects being undertaken by Islamic Relief. In Chechnya, hundreds of elderly and disabled people’s safety has been enhanced by the provision of grab handles in their bathrooms, housing conditions for orphans and their families in Mali are being improved according to carefully determined criteria, and the charity continue their work helping to build and repair greenhouses in Tunisia, resources on which the livelihoods of thousands depend.

What lies ahead for 2018?


Ah ha! We thought you might ask that… Well, sailing past the $1m mark is wonderful but, of course, charity doesn’t end there.


We’ll be back very, very soon with the scoop on this year’s plans but for now, let’s just say Palringo’s charity campaign will seriously take flight in 2018…

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