Palringo Charity Campaign 2018: The Hunt Is On


Last week, we reflected on hitting the £1m milestone in charity donations and took a look at the amazing work that last year’s campaign helped to fund. We also told you to watch this space and, true to our word, now it’s time to reward your patient space-watching with the big reveal…


Introducing Hunt for Hunger 2018

This year, following unprecedented demand, we have a brand new shiny collector game for you to feast on – please give a warm Palringo welcome to the alluringly avian Hunter Bot!


That’s right, this brand new title challenges you to capture all manner of birds to house and show off in your very own aviary. While we say hunt, of course we only permit the most humane ways of catching and keeping your winged wonders.

Starting off, there will be 12 officially identified species of different colours, shapes and sizes from around the world and they’re out there for you to trap for your own keeping. You can use Bait to increase your chances of netting something extra special, and get speedy Repairs for your trap if you’re determined to complete your collection before your friends.


However, this is the Palringo charity campaign after all, so there’s a whole flock of special limited edition treats in store over the coming weeks, falling under the theme of Desert Birds – other than that, all we can say now is you won’t want to miss out…


You may be familiar with the drill by now – but here’s how the charity campaign will work:


From Tuesday 15th May 10am BST to Friday 15th June, 50% of all proceeds from purchases of Hunter Bot and all Bait and Repair boosters will go to our charity partners Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief.


Take a look at our last blog for a recap of the essential work these fantastic charities have been carrying out in the last year – let’s see if we can match the incredible totals of previous years.


Prizes up for grabs in our inaugural charity challenge!

If our charity campaign including a brand new bot and limited editions species wasn’t enough for you, fortunately you’re in luck… With this year’s campaign, we’re running our first ever charity challenge.


What does that mean? Good question; here’s the low-down.

There are two parts, the personal challenge and the global challenge, and both run from the same dates as above:

  • Personal challenge: Catch 300 of ANY of the limited edition charity Desert Birds during the charity campaign period.
  • Global challenge: We want to see how hard the Palringo community can hunt together. There are three goals of total birds caught – 5 million, 10 million and 20 million.

Be in it to win it…

Firstly, everyone who completes the personal challenge of 300 Desert Birds caught will be awarded 1000 Credits and 1000 Rep.

On top of that, if the global challenge targets are hit, each contributing user will be awarded bonus Rep based on what their own efforts added towards the global goal! For every 1 Desert Bird you contribute beyond your original 300 Desert Birds caught, you’ll gain a number of Rep points depending on what global goal is achieved:

  • At the 5m goal, 0.5 Rep points per Desert Bird.
  • At the 10m goal, 1 Rep point per Desert Bird.
  • At the 20m goal, 2 Rep points per Desert Bird.

Example: The 10m goal is reached and you contributed 1000 birds to the goal. You will get 1000 Credits and 1000 Rep for personal challenge and a bonus of 700 Rep from the global goal! As you can see there’s plenty to win if you can catch a good number…

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