Charity Campaign 2018: Keep On Hunting!


The first three weeks of this year’s charity bonanza have flown (wink, wink) by and we’re now past the halfway mark. There’s still a whole lot more to come, but let’s take a quick breather to look at what’s occurred so far.

As we saw almost two weeks ago, within just 7 days, you handy hunters had already snared yourselves a community total of over 500,000 limited edition charity birds. That was when there were only three special species available – a pretty keen start for sure.

We’ve totted up everyone’s efforts for the campaign so far and had to check the calculators when we counted that together you’ve collected an incredible 3 million specimens of the now 12 limited edition charity birds released. Clearly the challenge is hotting up…

The all-important charity element

There is of course one primary reason we’ve been running these campaigns annually for several years now. Palringo’s lifetime total charity donations entered 7-figure territory in 2017, and this year’s exciting new campaign looks set to make a serious addition to that overall number.

With all the hard hunting work you’ve been undertaking in catching over a million and a half birds, the charity donation total has been flicking up along the way.

Today we can reveal an incredible $100,000 has already been raised in just a couple of weeks! We want to thank you each and every one of you for getting into the spirit of this year’s challenge and campaign, with the brand new Hunter Bot, and making this amazing feat happen.

Take a look at where all this money goes and the massive difference it makes each year, and help us push on to do as much as we can for our amazing charity partners again in 2018.


So what’s next?

It’s far from over – with the new birds just released today that global Palringo goal of 5m birds caught could well be in sight!

So get your traps repaired, your bait at the ready and keep on hunting to catch as many birds and new species as you can. Every little helps the cause and, who knows, your final catch might be the one to carry us over the global prize threshold!

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