Hunt For Hunger 2018 Roundup and Final Charity Results


Whewww! What a huntathon we’ve had over the past few weeks. As last week’s climactic Hunter Bot tournament was taking place, we were crunching the numbers to finalise all the charity and challenge results from the campaign that took place over the month prior.


As per the awards that went out last week, we were stunned at the mammoth goal of 5 million limited edition birds that you all worked together to achieve. In fact, that final number came in at 5,096,239 – just a casual 96k birds to spare, there. Of course, those limited edition beauties have now migrated, but don’t forget that the Hunter Bot itself is here to stay – who knows what the future has in store for the new collector classic.


Now for the all important charity figure. We’re absolutely delighted to say you’ve smashed last year’s amount to push the Hunt For Hunger 2018 charity campaign total to

a stunning $150,000.

We hope you’re as proud of yourselves as we are – another year, another campaign, and our gratitude never ceases for the spirit shown by the Palringo community. It’s heart emojis all over the place right here.

Our charity partners are also over the moon and incredibly thankful, and are always keen to show us how much difference the money will make. They got in touch to share their next plans with us, below.


Islamic Relief

Palringo’s fund will help Islamic Relief implement projects through a Waqf program, which will yield long-term benefits to thousands of beneficiaries.

The program invests first and foremost in people and agriculture, with a philosophy focused on bringing sustainable, ongoing returns that will facilitate the execution of various projects, both emergency or development, in a number of countries and spanning many years.

A needs assessment will be carried out by Islamic Relief to determine which countries should be prioritized; the charity has field offices in several MENA countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen and more.

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger’s project aims to contribute to the enhancement of water quantity for the residents in Khosos – Qalyubeya, through the improvement of the water services by installing a well and water treatment station. This water component is part of a health project which integrates health, nutrition, hygiene and water services benefiting the 54,000 population of Khosos district.   

  The area suffers from multidimensional poverty and deprivation in all basic social services. The faulty physical infrastructure of the area is further aggravated by the dense population living in an underserved area with inadequate public and private services and housing structures. Residents are obliged to buy water from illegal vendors, drink polluted water coming from their illegal or deteriorated pipes, and have improper care or awareness on how to mitigate their water access

The project will also provide training and awareness raising campaigns on water conservation, misuse of water resources and hygiene issues for the target population.


And now for the final top 10s!


Here are the groups who were the busiest hunters: 

Rank Group ID Group Name
1 11079741

سمكات بلا حدود

2 16458875

no to drugs

3 11769467


4 16817560

ممـلـكة الصـيد 🎣

5 16091613


6 696

كل الالعاب

7 11931501

العاب تايم

8 16894924

pairs bot

9 11765460


10 16957943

العاب ماجد❤

Here are the users who personally contributed the most limited edition birds:

Rank User ID Number of campaign birds caught User Nickname
1 11543221 (15.705)

‎ ‎ِ S਼A਼U਼D਼

2 12512740 (14,514)

      ! 3͢ᶻ⍣

3 31861431 (14,045)


4 7449242 (13,992)

5 23878175 (13,807)

ِ Eizen

6 32729096 (13,536)

7 44015206 (13,525)


8 43998993 (13,435)


9 25212244 (13,413)

ولُْٰٰۿہ ,࿔

10 33407331 (13,151)

🇸🇾 ٺــٻــم ּاڶــڜــامــې

And finally, the biggest contributors to the charity campaign:

User ID User Nickname

ريال سمكات


‎ ‎ ‎ ᷂، ذرب





‎‎ ‎ ‎3ِ͞ᴀ͞s͞н͞8ِ͞ᴀŦ ᗩ͜Ꮭʟ͞ᴇ͞ᴇ͞ʟ ✭








᷂طناخهہۘ ɢ͠ɪᵛ͜ᵉɴᴄʜy⚡᷂





🇶🇦 ! ✺┊ʊ̤ʅᓅLɹ̇ɹɹɹɺĨ⌯

So that’s all for now. As you can see above, it’s clear how much invaluable difference your efforts genuinely make, so once again, thanks for really giving Hunt For Hunger 2018 wings (the last one, there you go) and truly making it a charity campaign to remember!


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