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The world’s biggest sporting event has created a few upsets and shocks already–and we’re just out of the group stages. But all of you out there casting your predictions with World Cup Bot have been surprising us, too. We’re back with an update on your progress and some interesting facts about the games so far.

The Group stages are now over, and throughout the matches, a few interesting stats have arisen.

  • 99.6% of all people in Iceland were watching the Iceland vs. Argentina match.
  • Since 2002, this was the first tournament without a single 0-0 draw in the first round.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is Europe’s joint all-time top international scorer, equalling Ferenc Puskás’ 62-year-old record of 84 goals, and he was the oldest person to score a hatrick in the tournament.
  • As of 20/06, Russia have now scored as many goals in this tournament as Spain did at the 2010 World Cup.
  • This is the first time Brazil, Argentina and Germany all failed to win their opening matches of the same World Cup.
  • With Japan’s 2-1 win over Colombia, it was the first time an Asian team has ever beaten a South American team.


You can now make predictions for the Quarter-Finals, but be quick, you have until 30th June to make your predictions. You’ll also be able to make predictions for the Semi-Finals in the coming days!

!worldcup quarters Choose the teams you think will make it into the quarter-finals. Valid from: 28/06-30/06
!worldcup semis Choose the teams you think will make it into the semi-finals. Valid from: 04/07-06/07


Your Stats

Here are some of your stats, so let’s see who got the controversial games correct and how many of you are doing the best so far.

15% of you predicted Spain’s draw with Portugal–bet you didn’t think it’d be 3-3, though! But 64% of you believed Spain would take the win.
7% of you guessed that Argentina would draw with Iceland. You must have known something the rest of us didn’t, and only 7% thought Iceland would win.
8% predicted Mexico would beat the reigning champions Germany, while 82% reckoned Germany would win… We got it wrong too!
Surprisingly, most of you were pretty split on Japan vs. Colombia. 33% believed that Japan would beat Colombia–making history in the process, while 48% went for a win for Colombia.
There have been 22 penalties so far (as of 12:00 GMT, 27/06). You all felt (on average), there would be 12–pretty conservative assessment.

Here are the teams most commonly picked to win the World Cup on Palringo.

  1. Brazil
  2. Argentina
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Spain
  6. Portugal
  7. Uruguay
  8. England

As you can see Brazil take up the majority of votes!


So, who among you are doing the best? Here is the Top 20 list.


Rank User ID Number of correct predictions for the Group stages Nickname
1 35159127 31

bytesnake (Marco)

2 36203008 30

🇷🇺 SasǜⱩe ǛϹḨᎥḧa

3 70957577 30


4 14946541 30


5 28747607 30

6 4300077 30

7 34191210 29

! ᴰᴿᴱᴬᴹ ✩

8 15338657 29


9 24970332 29

10 29380306 29

 ‎ِ Iòd.        

11 30514912 29

ᴿ ♡

12 19632092 29

13 75531580 29


14 36831156 29

ِ᷂  ᷂عسيريـهـہ ᷂🍓

15 29736419 29

‎‎ ᷂ˢʰᵅʰᵅᵈ       

16 37071898 29

ٰ ᷂عزوز ᷂الجنوبي

17 73694039 29

‘ εlﻨբ

18 33236043 29

✧тυgɑ͜͡✦ [spell ❤] 🌟✅

19 20809760 29

🇪🇸 | ˹ℳᝓᴬᝓᴸᝓℬᝓᴼᝓᴿᝓᴼᝓ🚬˼»͢

20 19283352 29

♡ مخــືـ͟ــــاوي الليـ໌ـل ➾. ࿐✩‏‎ 🇮🇶


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