Competition: International Joke Week


July 1st was International Joke Day, so we wanted to celebrate this day of laughter by running a special competition–International Joke Week! From July 2 to July 9, you can share your best jokes with us for a chance to win some rewards and prove you’re the funniest Palringo user.

How does it work?

  1. From July 2 to July 3 (00:00 AM GMT+3), Group owners can apply to be a part of the competition.
  2. Once your application has been approved, we will add you to the event group.
  3. On July 4 (Wednesday), we will post an update with all the participating Groups. This is when users can start posting jokes.
  4. Group owners select the 5 best jokes and submit them to our official International Joke Day Group. You must screenshot the jokes (to prevent cheating). You have until July 9 to submit your jokes.
  5. At the end of the competition, our Group Admins will select the best 20, which everyone will be able to vote on.
  6. The winners will get their Group names and their names posted on the Blog and our social media channels. However, the  User with the most votes (and Group the joke was posted in) will earn 1000 Credits each.


  1. Group should be active and have at least 200 members.
  2. Any new group created only for this event will not be considered.
  3. There shouldn’t be any notes/ previous breaches related to the group or its owner.
  4. The request to be part of this week should be submitted by the owner only.
  5. Last date to submit requests is July 3.
  6. If two Group owners post the same joke on the official group, we will choose the first one.
  7. Group avatar should be appropriate.
  8. The owner is responsible for the content shared in their group.
  9. You will not share inappropriate content or ads for other groups or apps.
  10. Jokes should not be related to religion or offensive to any race/country or have any sexual themes.
  11. You will respect other users. We do not tolerate, predatory behavior, disparaging or defamatory comments, threats, harassment, illegal activities, invading privacy, propaganda, racial hatred, offensive cultural behavior, vulgar or obscene content, or other inappropriate behavior or the revealing of other members’ personal information.

Please note:

Only Group owners can submit their application.


If you are a Group owner and want to put your Group forward, follow the link to fill out the application.


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