Celebrate Tell the Truth Day with 50% Extra Rep for Chatter Bot


Every July 7th, the world celebrates Tell the Truth Day. They say the truth will set you free, and from 10am BST July 3rd to 10am BST July 6th, we’re giving you 50% extra Rep on Chatter bot purchases. Just don’t hold the consequences against us.

Unfortunately, a small child can’t make a wish that makes the whole world unable to lie. That’d be crazy. However, we can try to tell the truth this week with the help of Chatter Bot. So, when asked if you like breakfast or lunch more, take a deep breath, and really dig inside yourself for the truth. Hint–it’s breakfast.

Head to the store to get your hands on Chatter Bot and start breaking the ice. Use the command !chatter and the bot will post a question into the group.

Not part of the Palringo community? Sign up on the website, or download the app for your smartphone/tablet.

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