International Joke Week: The Groups


Thanks to everyone who put their Group forward to be a part of International Joke Week. You can check out which Groups are taking part below.

User Group Name Avatar
11295799 =109=
15845285 بلادنا الكويت
16501103 beirut
17116786 hottest™
16807275 underground ☘
9369592 lovers lane.
15689549 timing zone
11391423 çikolata rüyası
9549614 flirtease
14298481 shines class
15727477 bff’s

Next steps

Now is the time for all the Users out there to start posting their best jokes. Your Group owner will then screenshot the jokes and post the best 5 in our Group. You have until July 9 to post your jokes.

If you need a refresher on the rules, visit our first blog post here.

Over the week, the team will be singling out the best jokes to go into our Top 20 list, which we’ll post on July 9. Everyone will then be able to vote on their favorite jokes.

We’re looking forward to seeing whether laughter truly is the best medicine by telling your jokes to some of our colleagues who are under the weather. We’ll get back to you with the results next week.

Good luck.

The Palringo Team

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