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As all you keen wordies can tell we are here to announce the next tournament for none other than the Backwards bot!


Starting at 10AM (BST) on Wednesday the 18th of July and finishing at 10AM (BST) on the 20th of July we will be running a world-solving extravaganza for  Backwards bot!


Special prizes will go to to the top 5 players: a 1-week spot in the Palringo Featured Group gallery for a group of their choice.


There will be a fantastic 50% Rep promotion on all Backwards Bot purchases for the duration of the tournament.

Our scores are in – did you make the top 10?

User ID Score Nickname
72955627 51,337 Ⴆҽɾƙҽ
40105261 51,197 ༱vαȓȕȵ༆¹⁴
25213263 50,194 Olga
33331512 47,200 `   ‭‭  ‭ ‭‭   ‭ ‭‭  ‭ ‭ꀆꈚꋬꋪꈛꋬ ꂸꊛꁣꍌꈛ ꇩ℉ ℣℮ꁣꍌ℮ꋬꁣ℃℮
73263615 43,423 लॆज़र
35362694 41,573 ㅤㅤㅤ❥
34096113 37,117 ΛהŦɦøהy¹³
42775270 36,045 尺卂卄ㄩㄥ
29976610 34,870 Dave
20275928 33,314 ؕ                     ͎ᵐᵃˡᶤᵏᵃᵗ ͎ᵃˡᶰᵃʰˡ ¹³

How to take part:


    • Join a Group with Backwards Bot in it or add it to one of the groups you are already in
    • Win games in Backwards bot


  • The player who has the most games won in 48 hours wins.
  • Prizes up for grabs:**:


    • 1st prize: 10000 Rep points and 6000 credits
    • 2nd prize: 5000 Rep points and 3500 credits
    • 3rd prize: 3500 Rep points and 2000  credits
    • 4th-6th prize: 2000 rep points and 1500 credits
    • 7th-10th prize: 1000 rep points and 1000 credits
    • 11th – 50th prize: 200 Rep points and 200 credits
    • 51st – 200th prize: 100 Rep points and 100 credits



  • The top 200 players will also get an achievement AND will qualify for our next Tournament of Champions.



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