International Joke Week – The Winners


The votes are in and you’ve chosen your best jokes! Read on to discover the Top 5 and which joke has taken the top spot.

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The Winner

With 25% of the vote, your winner is y[à]ssin!

The Group owner and User will each receive 1000 Credits. The winning joke will also be posted on our official Twitter Facebook, and Instagram pages, so check them out!


User Joke




y[à]ssin (bsot)

Man: Nina, are you tower?

Nina: LMAO. Yes. Why?

Man: Because Eiffel for you.

So, on a scale of 1 to Tom Cruise, how hard are you laughing right now?

The Runners-Up

Position Group User Joke
2 9549614



нƦƤ ™ ɨ’ʍ ɮǟɖ ™

Teacher: Anyone who thinks they are stupid may stand up!

*Nobody stands up*

Teacher: I’m sure there are some students over here!

*Little Johnny stands up*

Teacher: Oh, Johnny, you think you’re stupid?

Little Johnny: No…I just feel bad that you’re standing alone.

3 16807275

underground ☘

72868434 ✝.. Alee..✝ 🇲🇽

Two soldiers were busy training, when a general asked one of them:

“Soldier Maclovio, what is the country for you?”

“For me, the motherland is ad if it were my mother, general,” said one of them.

“Very good, boy, very good,” said the general. “Soldier Cornelius, and for you, what is the country?”

Soldier Cornelius kept thing and then says, “For me, it’s like she’s my aunt, general.”


“Because Private Maclovio is my cousin.”

4 17116786




A man is opening a new food store next to a supermarket. He sees a piece of paper on the window saying: cheese $1.50.

The man goes inside and puts a sign there: cheese $1.30.

Next morning, he walks to his store and notices a sign in the supermarket’s window: cheese $0.99.

He goes inside again and he puts: cheese $0.79.

Next morning, the manager of the supermarket replaces his sign: cheese $0.69. So, the man goes inside against–cheese $0.49.

The manager of the supermarket angrily approaches him and yells: What is this all about?

The man answers: I don’t know what you’re doing but I don’t sell cheese.

5 16807275

underground ☘

A boy was standing for a few hours at a party.

He was watching the ugliest girl, who had been sitting all this time.

He approaches her and says, “Do you want to dance?”

The girl, all excited, said, “Yes!”

“So go dance,” said the boy. “Because I want to sit down.”

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