Palringo: Past, Present & Future


Twelve years ago, in the summer of 2006, I founded Palringo. Watching Palringo grow and develop has been the journey of a lifetime. What started as a tiny technological experiment, has now grown into a thriving network of chat communities spanning the globe and immersing millions of users in colourful and vibrant conversation.

Recently, I returned from a weekend session in Dubai, in which Gary and I, with the support of our colleagues from Jordan, had the pleasure of meeting some of our most loyal users from around the Arabian Peninsula. It was a joy to hear stories of the transformative effect Palringo has had on people’s lives, helping connect people with similar minds–sparking bonds of friendship destined to last a lifetime.

Earlier this year, we launched Palringo 8. The goal was to modernise the Palringo app, while also reviving the classic vibe of ‘Palringo Black’ which had made the original Palringo such a compelling and successful chat experience. The feedback we’ve received shows we’re on the right track–although we’re far from finished.

Over the coming months, we’ll be rolling out a series of improvements based on the continued feedback we’re receiving. We’re planning hundreds of tiny changes–and quite a few big ones:

  • We’ll be refining the design, focusing on clarity and readability.
  • We’ll continue to improve the snappiness of the service.
  • We’ll be launching some major improvements to voice messaging, improving quality and ease-of-use.
  • We’ll make promoting and discovering quality groups much easier, and much more interesting.
  • We’ll make push notifications much, much, better.
  • …There may, or may not be a special secret project in the works.

We’re not going to stop until we’ve achieved the perfect app–blending state-of-the art features and performance, with the unique original charm which set Palringo apart from the rest–building the perfect stage for friendships, conversations, and communities to unfold.

On the community front, we’re working on initiatives designed to stimulate and reward truly remarkable groups, always buzzing with a genuine and engaging social atmosphere. We’ll also be working to discourage some of the more disruptive behaviours such as spam, bot misuse, and invite centre abuse. Our goal is to solidify Palringo Reputation as an esteemed and trustworthy indicator of people’s contribution to Palringo–whether that’s through welcoming new people into the community, financially supporting Palringo, or leading truly inspiring groups.

This year is going to be incredible for Palringo. We’re committed to listening to our loyal users, and believe we’ve crafted a programme of improvements we’re all going to love.

Lastly, I’d like to say a warm thank you to those who continue to make the Palringo chat community what it is–the helpful and dedicated volunteers, the visionary group owners and social leaders, the thinkers and the conversationalists. Together we’re building something incredible: a place online that’s like no other.


Martin, Palringo Founder

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11 thoughts on “Palringo: Past, Present & Future

  1. Víctor

    Hola. Yo llevo 9 años casi 10 en este comunidad. Y de soporte español 2 años. Siempre sido fiel a esta app. Y me gustaría formar parte en ayuda ser voluntario en mi comunidad.

  2. Adel

    Thanks guys
    We would like to share all of us this success together as a family because that’s what are we when we start to use this magnificent app(palringo)
    But please we wish if could improve about video share like voice rwcorder to send videos or snaps limit timer

  3. !Raja

    really awesome news. I’m really looking forward to contribute in as many sectors as possible. Using all my skills to make Palringo a better place for everyone. I really hope I And the Volunteer team, we get more projects and tasks to do to make Palringo even more better.

    Ateeq Raja

  4. Fly-N-Hi

    Great job Palringo, a great unique place for all gamers to chat, organize & find friends in their outside perspective games to join up & strategize for tons of group fun.

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