The Palringo Summer Festival is Here


We’re kicking off a Summer Festival packed full of community events, tournaments, and awesome offers to celebrate the summer. Read on to find out the first special event we have for you.

The first stop on our tour is for all those participating in Palringo’s Featured Groups auction, held several times each week. Groups are the cornerstone of Palringo. It’s where you forge friendships, talk about the things you love, and spark thousands of conversations. The Featured Group auction is our way of rewarding Users who love their Groups and keep them a great place to be.

More Achievements & Rep

There are now even more opportunities to claim Achievements, meaning everyone has more chance at earning them. It also lets Users who have already claimed all the Achievements add more to their trophy cabinet.

Before, the were 5 Achievement steps across 5 stages.

Now there is 11 Achievement steps across 11 stages!

Because we now have more steps, you can now earn even more Rep for participating in the Featured Groups auction and earning these unique Achievements.

Unique Summer Auction Achievement

We’ve created a special Achievement exclusively for our summer event. If you win one of the Featured Group auctions throughout August/September, you can earn this unique Achievement.


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