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Everyone at Palringo was overwhelmed by the fantastic stories that you had to tell us about the people you’ve come to know in the app. It was extremely difficult to choose our top stories, but read on to discover our favourites.

Runners Up

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We started with a simple “Hello” and now we’ve been best friend for almost a year now, sharing most of our thoughts and secrets.



⌘ 🦋Ƭнє ℳσηαяcн🦋 ⌘



We met through Palringo, on the off chance, in a long since lost group. We lost touch for years, and it wasn’t until mid-2017 that we reconnected. This time, however, there was more than just friendship in the involvement.  I decided to get my first job to go see him, a native New Zealander. It took 7 months to save up enough to visit him, but that month was the best of my life, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of it with him.





I’m Charleen, she’s Harleen.

Everyone used to ask me if i was her. 🤹🏻‍♀️

Till i met her 🤣

We have the same voice, same attitude, and same mad mind 🖤

We are a broken bean, and once in a life time… we never exist but we are aging youngly 💜

Love u twinnie 👯‍♀️

Thanks Palringo!!


BORAX ✯~ lady loғιaтнιn ~✯



I met Samuel through a mutual friend of ours three years ago. He’s been the light of every day, and there’s nothing better than waking up and talking to my best friend from across the world from me. Timezones don’t exist if you’re best friends. He’s kept me from hurting myself, and he’s a great person to talk to. Him and I share some of the same mental issues and it’s just a pleasure to have met him. Someone who really understands you as a person and someone who’s willing to give their life for yours, and mine for him. If it wasn’t for Sammy, sometimes I don’t think I’d be around anymore. He’s the sweetest person ever, and I love him to death. If it wasn’t for Palringo and meeting Sammy, I don’t know what would have happened, but I’m glad three years down the road I won’t have to find out. Thank you Sammy, for being the best friend I’ve ever had. Love you.


✵ .乙ÄcK. ➣


‏ᵇᵉᶰᵗ 💕ᵃˡᶰᵒᵒʳ

We met in a ship hhhhhh

By chance, it was as godsend. I have never met a friend like Noir.

We are in love.

I would really like to deliver her a message in this day: if she would accept me as her friend and husband for the rest of my life 💍❤😘

Thank you so much for being my best friend


Dawn 😜


Lacrimosa 🖤

Slightly over two years ago I joined a group on Palringo after being invited by a mutual friend of myself and the group owner. My friend informed me that the owner was someone he thought I’d really like. He was not wrong. After my initial interaction with her in the group, I found myself intrigued by her character. Over the months to follow, we’d get to know each other better and bond through various means on Pal. We’d have lengthy, paragraphs on paragraphs conversations in PM. We’d VM in groups, practicing our different accents or cracking jokes about hanging our knickers. We participated in a scavenger hunt on the same team — and won! (#TeamUnicorn🦄) We exercised our sleuthing skills through Catfish hunting. We fueled one another’s creative juices via artwork: drawing furry persona themed art with the photo editor, or painting with our self-produced monthly lady-time medium when our cycles had sync’d. I’ve connected with Lacrimosa in ways I never have with anyone else. She’s been a great friend. I love her rawness, her wit, and sense of humor. And idfc 💙 (our designated best friend song by Blackbear and our best friend blue heart emoji/we greet each other with it)





She said she was fat and I was  like f*** off b**** and Ie haven’t stopped talking since.

Stories from our Arabic users


Ꮆᶻ a.b.c.113



Honestly he’s my best friend, i met him in some a group then i found out he’s an old friend from school days, a lovable person in school and in Palringo, he helps everyone in need, and he gives his honest opinion no matter what, Meshaal you are a really loyal friend.




ݺ،نوودي ᷂

Many friends in One, Anood (Noody) God bless you, our friendship started 6 years ago, many things happened since then, it was all about hair pigment, she talked to me on private messages asking me about a good hairdresser to set her the hair pigment, since we both live in Riyadh, and from that question our friendship started. i saw in her a sister, peace, and a friend. and we were really similiar in our mood and habits, and we joined all our groups together. and she stood by my side in thick times and thanks to God and her it all passed. one of the funny situations that happened between us was when she wanted to wipe her eyeliner and mascara but she didn’t have a makeup remover so i told her to wipe it with a vaseline but she put over amount from it and her lashes stuck together then she had to go to a pharmacy in the middle of night to buy a makeup remover. last but not least she’s more than a friend to me, she’s my soul.

Palringo’s Favourite





My name is Blake and my Palringo best friend is Christine.

Aka “nite nurse”, I met her in my group [anything goes]. Awkwardly, she pm’ed me an ad and I wasn’t too pleased but we started chatting and developed a true friendship.

She is my best friend because she cares about me, is a good listener and makes me laugh. I was there for her when she lost her job and she was there for me when I was going through cancer treatment.

After my surgery I was bleeding on several occasions and she guided me on this app step by step to help me change my wound, being a certified nurse she was a bonus when I was sick. We make each other laugh, cry and argue about stupid things, but in the end of the day we don’t stay mad at each other and make sure we message each other everyday on Palringo. Although we live in different countries and haven’t met in person, this app has connected us for 4+ yrs now and still going strong.

Life maybe filled with many obstacles and sometimes it seems impossible just to stay afloat, but I can always rely on Christine when I need someone to talk to. Thanks Palringo, I found my best friend to the end.

Thanks so much to everyone that shared your story with us. It was fantastic to see how Palringo has brought people together, wherever they are. We hope you can all keep your relationships going strong for years to come!

The Palringo Team

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  1. Stevie

    I actually know two couple, who did married in real life, they met on pal,one girl was my friend on Kik, I dragged her on pal forcibly, eventually she found a guy from here and second is an American guy who flied to phillipines and married a girl both met on pal. 😜

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