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Topics are the new way to discover exciting Groups and showcase Group owners who champion Palringo as a great place to chat and express yourself. If you want to be part of them–you can join now!

Many of you will have noticed there’s a new addition on the Discover page–Topics! If you’ve given one of the Topics, like Social and Chat, a tap, you’ll have seen several Groups pop up. And maybe you’re wondering just what Topics are for, how you get your Group involved, or even suggest which Topics should make the list. Read on to find out.


Topics are curated by Palringo, so you can be sure that only the best Groups make it into the list.

Topics as they appear in Discover

The Group list shown when clicking on a Topic

Topics do a few things:

  • Help Group owners share and grow quality Groups, which are well-managed, have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and represent what Palringo is all about–socialising!
  • Help users (both new and old) discover Groups that fit their interests as well as explore new places.
  • Reward Users who’ve spent time working to create a place for great, fun conversation.
  • Dynamic topics: Special Topics that will appear for certain events around Palringo.

Want to join or make a suggestion?

If you want your Group to be part of Topics, you can apply via the form below!

Please note: We are currently only looking for Groups that fit 1 of the 3 currently available topics. Please read the rules in the form to make sure you fit all criteria.

  • Social and chat
  • Gaming and anime
  • Roleplay

[Topic Application Form]

You can also suggest which Topics you’d like to see included in the future.

[Topic Suggestion Form]

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