Enjoy a 100% Rep Promo on new Mimic Bot Message Packs


To celebrate the release of 6 new Message Packs for Mimic Bot, we’re running a 100% Rep promo from  August 21st 10am BST to August 24th 10am BST. Read on to see what we’ve got coming out.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but it’s also a fantastic way to annoy someone, too, which is why Mimic Bot is awesome for any occasion. It’s now even easier to put words in someone else’s mouth.

New Message Packs

PLUS Eid (a limited-time pack in celebration of, you guessed it, Eid). This pack is only available until 3rd September.

Some of these new Message Packs are only available in groups of a certain Group Level:

Gold (available in groups level 10 and higher)

Cute (available in groups level 10 and higher)

Diamond (available in groups level 20 and higher)

Cash (available in groups level 20 and higher)

What’s more, we’ve also revamped some of the older Message Packs.

You can view all of your group’s available Message Packs using the new ‘!mimic packs’ command.

What is Group Rep you ask?

Group Rep Levels

A Group Level is a score based on Group Reputation, which is affected by a number of factors. Specifically, you can increase your Group Reputation by:

– Adding an avatar

– Adding Premium status to the group

– Keeping the group active with chat

– Adding Bots

You can view Group Level on the Group’s profile. Find out more on the dedicated FAQ page.

Get the Mimic Bot in the Palringo Store and start mimicking!

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