Get 50% Extra Rep with the Brand-new Fill the Gap Bot!


Here at Palringo we’re celebrating words in all their forms with Fill the Gap, a brand-new word-based bot that gives your brain a real workout. Read on to find out how it works, the Achievements up for grabs, and take advantage of 50% extra Rep for a limited time!

To commemorate Fill the Gap’s introduction to the family, we’ll be running a special promo beginning September 4 3PM BST until September 7 3PM BST.

Fill the Gap has several categories to test your trivia, including, games, quotes, poetry, TV and more. To win at the game, you have to guess the missing word in a sentence.

Here’s an example:

Question: The _ _ _ _ is mightier than the sword (by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton)

Spoilers: You’d type “PEN”. If you’re the fastest, you get the most points.

Table of Contents


Fill the Gap Bot’s scoring system is different to our other games. Each game lasts 30 seconds. The fastest correct guesser gains the most points–10–while other correct answers earn points relative of their position. 2nd fastest gets 9, 3rd fastest gets 8, etc. At the end of each game, you’ll see the scores.

All the questions within Fill The Gap Bot are user submitted–meaning there are over 9000 chances (split between English and Arabic) for you to fill in the missing word. Good luck trying to guess the answer for everyone because we’ll be adding more as time goes on.


You can also earn some unique Achievements by scoring 10, 50, 100 points and beyond! So get playing to unlock them all. Here’s one:

Score 10 points in Fill the Gap

Visit the store to add Fill the Gap Bot to your group.

Not part of the Palringo community? Sign up on the website, or download the app for your smartphone/tablet.

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