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Say goodbye to our old bot designs because we’re totally redesigning them! Can you guess which new bots are which in our competition? Read on to take the quiz.


After lots of hard work and having long, intense discussions with the many bots in the Palringo family, we’ve given a ton of them a complete makeover. However, these bots want to make a song and dance before they arrive on the store. To keep them happy, we’ll be running a unique quiz where you can guess what the new bots are by only seeing a small portion of their designs.


  • How it works
  • Quiz
  • Prizes

How it works

Let’s have a quick example of how it would work. We’ll use a new avatar design that won’t be featured in our quiz. Monster Bot has kindly offered to be chopped up.

Old Bot

Quiz New Bot
How the bot used to look How the new bot would appear in the quiz

What the new bot looks like

You’d select “Monster” from the dropdown menu.


The quiz will be made up of 2 rounds:

  • Round 1 begins October 12 
  • Round 2 begins October 19

You have 5 days to fill in the form and submit your answers for each round.

On Friday 26 October you’ll find out the overall results. To be eligible for the prize, you must join in both rounds of the quiz.

Once the quiz has finished, we’ll unveil the new bot designs in the store for all to see.


The first 500 users who get everything correct can win 1000 Credits each.

To be eligible for the prizes you must:

  • Participate in BOTH rounds of the quiz
  • You must correctly answer ALL questions in both quizzes

With all that said–good luck!


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