Trick or Treat Yo Self with Palringo


Halloween is here, so celebrate it with a challenge, Monster Bot skins, offers, and a unique community event.


Personal Challenge

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1 7474555
2 36823183
3 5000000
4 20403986
5 12000
6 6767333
7 30588649
8 34348610
9 25449884
10 30450332

Group Challenge

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1 298301
2 17119142
3 11079741
4 17345467
5 17365362
6 9615818
7 17261390
8 17187905
9 17351503
10 17261388

Your Charms and Skins will be delivered shortly

Loot Naming Results

The results are in! Thanks for everyone’s participation. You can find the new loot names below.

Old name New name User
Very Common Loot Pittance


Pope ~ Dₑᵥᵢₗ’ₛ ❌ ᵣₑⱼₑcₜₛ ~

Pretty Common Loot Dead Crow


❥ ‌‌‌ᎡᏫᏚᎬ ❀༻

Common Loot Monkey Skull
Fairly Uncommon Loot Blue Tanzanite



Rather Uncommon Loot Crystal Spider


(f) ♪↖(^▽^)↗♩ (f) ╰Cคҭ คҭ ภเgђҭ╮

Really Uncommon Loot Oliphant Battle Horn


!!! M.R !!!

Rare Loot Dragon Heart


༒☪ Y҉ḯjིḯศ ❄₮.•.•°`❧

Very Rare Loot Dragon Egg
Extremely Rare Loot Flawless Black Diamond


🔥∑vɲ♠ 😈ᏕឫϰឫᏕቲ៩᱂💀ཞ๏ӄ

Rarest of Rare Loot Colossith 74577880

All our winners suggestions will be added to the bot very soon. You will be able to see them with the updated command: !m lootnames.


Challenge and Prizes – All Treat, No Trick.

Your first treat of Halloween will be a Monster Bot challenge:

  • Group challenge: If your monster can win 25 fights, you can unlock an exclusive ghost skin for your Group’s monster.
  • Global challenge: All of Palringo has to win 50,000 fights. Users who help reach the global goal by treating at least 50 times earn an achievement * (if the global goal is not met, no Achievement is unlocked)
  • Personal challenge: If a user treats their monster 100 times they unlock an Achievement

You will have 2 weeks (23 October – 6 November) to complete all parts of the challenge.

If you complete the Personal Challenge, you can win this unique Charm (valid for 1 month).

If you complete the Group Challenge, your Group can win a new monster variant!

New Skins

‘Tis the season to be scary, and we’ve created a selection of special Monster Bot skins that you can pick up.

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[Store Link]

Monstrous Loot Naming

Monsters love loot. Whether you’re knocking the stuffing out of critters while dungeon crawling or tackling a huge dragon to steal all the gold it’s hoarded, claiming your just (and sometimes sticky) rewards is all part of the fun.


During your challenge, you’ll be filling your pockets with loot. Now we need your help with naming all that precious loot.

There are 10 types of loot:

  1. Very Common Loot
  2. Pretty Common Loot
  3. Common Loot
  4. Fairly Uncommon Loot
  5. Rather Uncommon Loot
  6. Really Uncommon Loot
  7. Rare Loot
  8. Very Rare Loot
  9. Extremely Rare Loot
  10. Rarest of Rare Loot

Their names are pretty boring, right? Now it’s up to everyone on Palringo to change that.

Getting involved

Think you know some better names for loot? All you have to do is answer the questionnaire below. In it, you can suggest names for each piece of loot. Simple. From “scraps of monster hide”, “decaying teeth” to “dragon jewels”, from October 23-30, we want to hear what you’ve got.

Next steps

After submissions close, we will choose the most suitable names. From November 2-5, you will be able to vote on which names you like best*. Then, we will announce the winners on November 6. After the Monster Bot Challenge has ended, we will then rename all the old loot names.

*If your suggestion is one of the loot names that wins the vote, you can find it in Monster Bot with a special command!



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